GK+ Control Solution Ranges

  • Last updated September 18, 2021

Did you mistakenly throw away or lose your meter kit box or your strip box?

No problem, we’ve got you covered!


If you’ve purchased a GK+ meter kit, you’ll find glucose and ketone strips inside. On the back of the strip wrapper, you will find a LOT number. That number corresponds to Control Solution ranges printed on the bottom of your meter kit box. Similarly, if you’ve purchased a box of glucose strips, ketone strips, or the Combo Pack of strips, your control ranges are printed on that box.

If you no longer have access to your meter kit box or strip box, you can enter the LOT number of your strips in the form below and we’ll tell you what your control ranges are. The glucose lot number will differ from the ketone lot number, and you’ll get the control range for both Level 2 and Level 3 solutions (control solutions were provided with your meter kit or can be purchased separately).

Write down these ranges and keep them in your meter kit accessory case. Keep in mind however that each time you purchase new strips, your control ranges may change. Be sure to keep any new strip boxes for reference.

Where do I find my glucose strip lot number?

Glucose Strip

Where do I find my ketone strip lot number?

Ketone Strip

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24 responses to “GK+ Control Solution Ranges”

  1. I entered the Ketone lot number but this tool says it’s invalid. I’ve triple checked it and it was entered correctly

  2. It’s not clear. My meter recognizes that I used my control solution and the reading shows 105 but the range on the box is too big 96 to136. That is not telling me if my meter is accurately reading. I was checking it today because my blood glucose is abnormally low in the 50’s and my ketones are abnormally high at 1.9

  3. Did not acknowledge the number, correctly entered from the test strip.

  4. 1. I don’t know what the numbers mean.
    2. The bottoms of the numbers were cut off.

  5. On iPhone/ ketone results for level 2 and level 3 are cut off and not completely visible
    I got my glucose strips while traveling in Europe and they don’t provide a test result.

  6. lot number is saying not valid. it was keyed in correctly. U200179 ketone strips

  7. Lot number for ketone test strips is shown as invalid (U200180).

  8. the test strips that came with my keto mojo do not have a range anywhare on the packaging or strips so I have no idea if the control solution test results are in the range.

  9. The control ranges are wide. To me, it translates to Keto-Mojo measurements being inaccurate. Shouldn’t an accurate meter demonstrate a less variable reading using standardized control solutions? Thanks.

  10. I’m typing in my lot number because I threw out the box and am trying to use the control solution and it’s saying enter valid lot number. U200180 ketone strips. My readings go from 2.4 to .4 to .2 in 5 seconds. I’m just wasting all the strips I bought at this point and I just got the GK+ monitor not long ago because you basically forced us to. It’s garbage compared to the original monitor I bought from you.

  11. I can’t find the control solution numbers to calibrate my keto-mojo. When I enter the lot numbers from my glucose and ketone strips, your site says they are invalid lots numbers

  12. my ketone strips lot number printed on back of strip package is U200181, however your system is not recognizing it and in red states “enter a valid lot number”. i have quadruple checked that I am entering what is printed on the proper ketone strip package correctly but your system does not recognize it. my ketone test reading was 2.5, is my meter working? my glucose lot number is U200169 and test reading was 113. please let me know what is wrong and if my meter is working correctly.

  13. When I put in the strip number it says that it’s invalid, U210010.

  14. I am trying to get what the range should be for my control solutions that came with my kit. If I enter the lot number it is coming up as not found.

  15. used many strips for testing the control solutions.

    Here is what the control solutions showed:
    Ketones .2
    Glucose Lo

    I tried many strips to no avail.

    FWIW, I am on a 4 day fast. Per this meter here are the results
    Ketones 7.1
    Glucose 45

    Help! do I have a faulty meter?

    Earl Hersh
    Houston TX

  16. This will not accept my lot numbers. Keeps prompting me to enter a valid Lot number

  17. It does not recognize the lot numbers for my strips.

  18. Page doesn’t work – it doesn’t show the ranger!

  19. On Chrome browser can’t see what the contour reading should be. Ketone strip is showing as invalid lot number

  20. My ketone meter is reading below the range of the control solution and this does not give me any information about what that means or how to calibrate or do anything to make sure that my unit is reading accurately

    1.7 was reading
    1.8-2.8 is the printed range for the control

  21. This does not answer any questions for me. Also, when I enter the lot numbers they do not work. I am positive they are not invalid but the site continues to tell me to enter a valid lot number. I enter U210012 for my glucose strip and U200222 my ketone strip and nothing. Also my real question was concerning what readings I should get with the control solution with lot numbers UAN20050 for the glucose solution, and UEN20036 for the ketone solution. Please help and fix the site to work properly.

  22. I have inputted 2 boxes lotnumbersand thy have all come up as invalid.


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