About the GK+ Meter Testing Strips

  • Last updated October 1, 2020

The Keto-Mojo GK+ Multi-function Bluetooth meter utilizes the most advanced technology in the industry for blood ketone and glucose testing strips, providing the highest degree of accuracy and precision. 

  • Utilizes the latest 8 electrode amperometric biosensor technology. 
  • Auto-coding eliminates need for code key. 
  • Super-sip patented technology eliminates under-fill issues which can lead to inconsistent or inaccurate results. 
  • Measures glucose from 20-600 mg/dlL and 1.1-33.3 mmol). Results in 5 seconds. 
  • Measures ketones from 0-83 mg/dL and 0-8.0 mmol. Results in 10 seconds. 
  • Readings at low ketone levels allows the user to track their progress into nutritional ketosis. 
  • Packaged in individual foil pouches for sterility and extended shelf life. 

**IMPORTANT: Strips are ONLY compatible with the KETO-MOJO GK+-BLUETOOTH Meter** 

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Why are test strips individually wrapped?

Shelf Life

Although a vial is easy to open, you just pop the top and quickly extract a strip, once you open a vial, the clock starts ticking and you should use them within 6 months. We find that many folks do not mark the open date on their vials and are therefore not aware when they have gone beyond their expiration date.


Strips in vials are more susceptible to heat and humidity, especially in hot and humid locales. Individually wrapped strips have a higher tolerance to temperature. We have tested and baked the wrapped strips at 65c /149F for two weeks with no degradation (however, we still recommend you store at room temp). This means that we have better integrity for “last mile” transportation in hot climates.

Ease of Opening

Our original individually wrapped test strips had an internal desiccant strip to protect the test strip from moisture.  But it made it more difficult to open.  For our new test strips, we’ve replaced the internal desiccant strip with a desiccant spray liner, making them easier to tear open. The material is a PET12 Aluminum composite which can be recycled in some centers.


We are working to make the individually packaged strips fully recyclable and are currently looking for a more widely available recycling solution. Once we have this, we will re-do the clinical trials for shelf stability and will make the change needed. Note that vials are not recyclable because of the desiccant lining, and they weigh 3g more than the individually wrapped packages. The individually wrapped strips are also 20% smaller and no longer use gold connectors like the previous ketone strips in the vial.

Weighing the Choices

It is important to us to deliver a product that lasts longer and has more tolerance to heat and humidity which can affect accuracy. This allows us to make it accessible in hotter climates (and countries), giving us greater scale, so we can lower costs over time.

The Best Way to Tear Open the Strip Package

To open the individually wrapped strips, hold the packet horizontally and tear the packet about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the strip with strength and confidence. You will not tear or damage the strip inside the packet!

Image of test strip packet with a team mark at 1/3 down from the top

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11 reviews

  1. I was looking for information on the availability of purchasing just glucose or just ketone monitoring strips separately. I’m really only interested in tracking ketones so purchasing glucose strips, which I won’t use, is something I don’t want to do.

  2. how about supporting existing owners. I am outside the US and Europe. I cannot buy from either location because of your polices. I have two complete version one kits but am now out of strips . Do you expect me to throw them in the trash and waste several hundred dollars because of your short sighted policies.

  3. I just need to know if I have to use the testing solutions before using my new Keto mojo GK+ dual monitoring system for the first time. No instructions that I can find mention testing before using the system. Only before using a new box of strips…

  4. I am not interested in testing my glucose levels only my ketones. I see two different kinds of strips. Is it possible to ONLY by the blue ones for ketone testing and not have to worry about the brown ones for glucose?

  5. I haven’t used my Ketone Reader in a while. I did a test yesterday and today, however they are not synching and/or showing up on my phone/app. Can you please assist me?

  6. I can’t find anywhere on your site, the place to purchase more test strips.

  7. My keto mojo test strip isn’t taking in the blood on the strip. It shows a E-F error. What do I do?

  8. These are called testing strips? Are they for urine of for blood. You aren’t telling me that.

  9. I traded in the older Keto Mogo meter for the GK+. I still have a lot of strips from the older model. Can they be used with the new model also? i.e. will GK+ read the old and new strips?

  10. I’m trying to find out if I can use the old ketone/glucose strips with my new meter? I purchased both recently and you want me to return the old meter but that’s a lot of money to throw away. Thanks

  11. Just wondering about this new machine and why I would purchase that over the model I currently and recently purchased? I have the blue tooth adaptor to get the readings unto my phone? Are the strips different going forward for testing and will the older version strips be retired??


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