Error Codes for the GK+ Meter, what they mean and how to fix them

  • Last updated October 1, 2020

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GK+ Error Codes and Fixes

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20 responses to “Error Codes for the GK+ Meter, what they mean and how to fix them”

  1. I have a keto mojo gk+. Been using it for about 3 weeks. I get error code E11. I changed to batteries and still get code E11. Double checked the batteries and they are good!

  2. Hi, im getting a warning triángle And wrong readings. How do o fix it?

  3. I have wasted 3 strips each of blood glucose and ketones. Once I take the measures, it does not show my GKI on the meter

  4. I can’t get the blood drop to show on my screen so I can test

  5. I get a cloud connect error and cannot sync any of my data.

  6. I replaced the batteries. The unit has light and when I insert either a glucose or keto strip I still get the E11 message. Also the replacement needles that did not come with the original unit definitely don’t work as well as the originals. They don’t fit the unit as well and sometimes I prick my finger and no blood comes at all.

  7. E11 does not go away when the batteries are changed. I tried 3 different brands.

  8. I accidentally stuck the blood end of the test strip into the meter. Now my meter tells me E2, that all my test strips are contaminated. How do I clean the meter so that it is usable again?

  9. I keep getting E3 error messages when I insert a new test strip – gluc or ket. What should I do?

  10. Code stick reads good but keto mojo reads e – c code for blood. Not on error code list working…

  11. My keto mojo gk+ will not turn on. The screen flashed 24h once. What does this mean? I changed batteries two weeks ago. Thanks.

  12. I’m unable to get screen to change from a flashing m. It seems to go thru memory of past tests but am unable to clear to test currently.

  13. My meter has the E-2 code and I tried different strips and even the control strip and they all had the E-2 error.

  14. I am getting an E2 code that won’t go away. My device is brand newts is the first day I used it.


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