Error Codes For the GKI Meter, what they mean and how can I fix them

  • Last updated September 4, 2019

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20 responses to “Error Codes For the GKI Meter, what they mean and how can I fix them”

  1. Mine is flashing e-f which is not an option for error code

  2. i have set up the meter but there is no blood drop showing or blinking ? please assist on clarifying what i am doing wrong

  3. I can’t log in to my account. WhenI try to reset my password it says that there is no account with my email. Was my account deleted?

    My meter won’t read either type of test strip. I keep getting E2 and EU error codes and I can’t clear Tham.

  4. From yesterday, the Keto Mojo app in my iphone wouldn’t sync with my Keto Mojo meter (Lastest European version, bought early 2021). Today, it did sync this mornings reading, however, all my glucose and ketone readings saved from the beginning of this year no longer appear in the app. I can only see my GKI …. Could you please help with this ? I’d like to retrieve all my readings from when I first started using the meter (Feb. 2021).
    Thanks for contacting me back please.
    Maria José

  5. Code E 411. I get this code sometimes as many as 12 times before the meter will accept the glucose strip. What is the problem?

  6. I am getting an “E11” message the first time I insert the brown glucose test strip into my new GK+ Meter. This did not happen with the last batch I had. If I pull it out and reinsert it, it usually goes away. What dies this mean?
    Also, my bg readings seem higher than they should? What is the margin of error?

  7. What does error code E11 mean? How do I fix it? It does not show up on your website in the list of different error codes.

    Thank you
    John M

  8. I am constantly getting a code E11 when I insert a strip for testing. I have to remove the strip and then reinsert the strip to clear the code. Why is this happening?

  9. When sync, the process stops and the bluetooth sign on the machine still flashing.

  10. I keep getting the E3 error when testing the glucose on my new furniture of stripes. Even if the gki function on my meter is activated or not (anyway I always test the glucose first). I’ve already wasted 4 of them. I waited 20 days to have them due to a carrier’s delay and now they don’t work. They cost a lot and I don’t think this is acceptable.
    I tried to reach you by email and I only got the same answer I found on here, but even if I replied that this was not the case, no one answered me anymore.
    I need a solution for this problem or my money back.
    Thank you.


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