When and How to Use the Control Solution with the GK+ Keto-Mojo Meter

  • Last updated October 1, 2020

What is Control Solution? 

Control solutions are a way to test your meter so you know that it is giving you accurate results. Although we provide control solutions in your Keto-Mojo meter kit, we find that our meters seldom fall out of calibration and contrary to what the manual says, you don’t need to test every week. 

When Should the Control Solution Test be Performed? 

  • If your meter has been dropped or damaged 
  • Your strips have been exposed to extreme temperature or humidity 
  • you suspect your meter or strips are not giving you accurate readings, you may want to perform a control test. 
  • If your test results do not seem accurate 

About the Control Solution 

  • Only use Keto-Mojo Glucose/Ketone Control Solutions (Normal or High) 
  • All expiration dates are printed in Year-Month format. For example, 2021-01 refers to January, 2021. 
  • Do not use control solution that is past the expiration date or discard date (the control solution will expire 6 months after the bottle is opened for the first time). 
  • Shake the bottle well before use. 
  • Close the bottle tightly after use. 

Performing a Control Solution Test 

  • Remove a test strip from its foil pouch. Note: Check the expiration date of the test strips, found on the back of the foil pouch. Do not use the expired test strip. 
  • Insert a test strip into the meter. 
  • The meter turns on after a beep. An image of a test strip with a flashing blood droplet will appear letting you know the meter is ready to test. 
  • Shake the control solution bottle thoroughly. Squeeze the control solution bottle gently and discard the first drop. Squeeze out a second small drop on a clean nonabsorbent surface. 
  • Note: Do not apply control solution to the test strip directly from the bottle 
  • Immediately touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of control solution. The control solution is drawn into the test strip. 
  • Note: If the control solution sample does not fill the window, do not add a second drop. Discard the test strip and start over with a new test strip. 
  • Hold it in the drop until the meter beeps, and you see the meter begin to count down on the screen, after which your control test results will display. 

Note: The meter will automatically recognize and mark the control result for you. Control results are not included in the 7, 14 and 30 day average calculation. 

Understanding Your Control Test Result 

**Compare your control test result with the ranges printed on the test strip box or label. For the strips that came with your meter, the range is found on the bottom of the meter box. For additional strips, the range is found on the strip packaging. 

If your control test result is out of range: 

  • Check the expiration dates and discard dates of the test strip and control solution. Make sure that the control solution bottle has not been opened for more than 6 months. Discard any expired test strips or control solution. 
  • Confirm the temperature in which you are testing glucose control is between 10 and 40°C, and testing Ketone control is between 15 and 40°C. 
  • Make sure that the control solution bottle has been tightly capped. 
  • Make sure the test strip was used immediately after removing from the test strip foil pouch. 
  • Make sure the control solution was mixed well. 
  • Confirm that you are using Keto-Mojo brand control solution. 
  • Make sure that you followed the test procedure correctly. 

After checking all of the conditions listed above, repeat the control solution test with a new test strip. If your results still fall out of the range indicated on the test strip box or label, your meter or test strips may not be working properly. DO NOT use the system to test blood. Please contact Keto-Mojo customer support for further assistance.  You may be eligible for a replacement. 

To turn your meter off, just remove the test strip. Dispose of the used test strips as medical waste. The result will be automatically marked and stored in the meter memory. Control results will not be included in your test averages. 

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18 responses to “When and How to Use the Control Solution with the GK+ Keto-Mojo Meter”

  1. I just received my GK+ Keto Mojo today. After 5 attempts using the KETO strip to get it to sip my blood drop I used the Control drop provided. It DID NOT SIP the drop or mine. I tried the Glucose test strip using the Control drop that one did work. Considering returning unless you resolve this issue!

  2. What value should the test strips show? Just saying that it is in the range is essentially useless. The range of the meter is0 .1 to 9 for ketones. , what should I do if it is not a correct reading?


  3. What is the correct range for results of controls ? For both both ketone and glucose. Thank you for hell in advance

  4. What should the meter read after applying the test control solutions for each glucose and ketone?

  5. Where do I find what the range of the control solution results should be?

  6. No range printed on bottle, what should the range be?

  7. um tell me what the fucking readings mean!!! like seriously I’ve got something that says 111 on the glucose control solution and nothing anywhere on your stupid website indicates what I should be looking for! How hard is it to tell someone what they are supposed to see when using the control solution!?

  8. I would imagine that most people don’t save those original boxes. I have no idea where mine is. Ans now no idea if my machine is working properly.

    Not useful

  9. Is there a video? These directions make no sense. Can you simply explain what we should see on the display ?

    “*Compare your control test result with the ranges printed on the test strip box or label. For the strips that came with your meter, the range is found on the bottom of the meter box. For additional strips, the range is found on the strip packaging. ”

    What are the ranges? What is level one, or level two? There are no ranges printed on the test strip box. I’ve been trying to figure out these directions for 20 minutes now. I’m so frustrated.

  10. When using the test solutions my understanding is that the glucose test should fall in level 2 and the ketone should fall in level three. I don’t see where these “levels” are. They are not printed on the box?? For example my glucose test solution result was 111. How do I interpret that? I see something in the literature sent with the strips but they show interval 2 as 1.30mmol/L. Is that what I am supposed to look at? When I actually tested my blood with the new strips my glucose first read 229 then I retested and it was 136. My actual ketone reading said HI I never saw that??

  11. What does CTRL2 vs CTRL3 mean? I don’t know which range is supposed to be used. Does this relate to the “Level 2” on the bottle?

    Feels convoluted.

  12. Can you reset the meter? Is the control solution the only way to check if the meter is working properly?
    What IF my Ketones readings are the exact same for the past week, taken at different times?

  13. The bottom of the box has two control numbers. One designated by the number 2, the other by the number 3.

    – Which control numbers do I use 2 or 3.?

  14. The information on the back of the test strip box is vague. It lists broad ranges and multiple “control” scenarios. The meter appears out of range. Further the results are way off compare with my original meter. This product is inferior to prior version

  15. So it is unclear what the range on the control test is supposed to show. I am a bit flabbergasted in that I have been fasting all day and typically my ketones go up and they have gone down today. Was really hoping to be able to tell what the control should look like rather than just how to do it.

  16. What numbers should my control solution test be between 10-600? There is nothing on the bottles.


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