Tips on Getting a Good Blood Sample

Published: June 20, 2018

Tips on Getting a Good Blood Sample

Mister Mojo here, and we are going to be going through on getting some tips and tricks on how to get a good sample every time. Quite often when I’ve got cold hands, I find it difficult to get a good sample. So there’s a few things that I do to make it easier. One is washing your hands under warm water. That works really, really well. Giving a good shaking out before you start, that can help as well. One of my favorites to use though, is what I call the pistol grip. And that is basically, you’re going to grab your finger like this, and you’re going to squeeze it for about 20 seconds. This creates hyper static pressure within the finger, increasing the blood flow to it, to make sure that you get a really nice sample size. So you pull the lancet, get it ready to fire. We’re going to adjust that to the middle setting for me because that’s for my skin size, and we’ll press it, and if you notice, you can’t even see the needle it moves so quick and fast. We’ll do that one more time, and we’ll see how we do. So you press it on like that, go like that, and as you can see, I need a bead of blood about half the size of a matchstick head. I will take out my ketone strip. I’m going to place it on there like that. Oh, I got a nice amount of blood on this one. There we go. I’ll wait till it shows that code that matches the vial. And in 10 seconds I will have my reading. 1.4, right in the zone.


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