Join our Keto-Mojo App Beta Testing Community!

Are you a person that loves giving feedback, posting reviews, or comes up with great ideas for new app features? If so, we want you in our beta testing community.

What is a beta testing community?

That’s where we release new versions of the app not yet ready to release to the public. We need people like you who give us feedback so we make sure the app is running correctly and the new features make sense to you.

Why join our beta testing community?

You get access to the latest new features and bug fixes so you can make the most of your Keto-Mojo app. You’ll also have input on new features you would like to see in the app.  Help us make the best app for tracking glucose, ketones and your level of ketosis.

Yes! Sign me up!

Keto-Mojo Beta Testing App image


  1. Open your Google Play App Store.
  2. Search for Keto-Mojo Classic App and open the page.
  3. Scroll down to Beta and tap on “Join Program.”
  4. You can now install the beta version as you would a normal app.
  5. To provide us feedback, simply contact customer support.



  1. On your phone, download Testflight from the app store here.
  2. On your phone, open this link which takes you to the Keto-Mojo Classic beta app in Testflight. Click Accept, click Open. You are now in the Keto-Mojo App on Testflight.
  3. To provide feedback on the app, you can take a screenshot while you are in the Keto-Mojo app. Then use the back arrow to Testflight in the upper left corner which takes you to the screen that says  “Send Beta Feedback.” Or simply contact customer support.

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