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  • Last updated December 17, 2019

To reset your password for your Keto-Mojo account, please follow these instructions:

1. Click on My Account in the upper right corner of screen:

2. Click Forgot your password?

3. Enter your email account and click submit.

4. Please check your email for the reset email. If you can not find the email please check your spam folder.

Note: Customer passwords must be a minimum of 5 characters long. Special characters are allowed.

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14 reviews

  1. Just wanted to change my email and you won’t let me?

  2. I’m not receiving the reset email. I got kicked out today, and I can’t reset. A bit frustrating.

    I checked all of my folders.

  3. I have just paid for my 28 day plan.

    I need access to my Plan. I need a password. There is no place I can create a password? Even my screen differs form your suggestions of MY ACCOUNT???? I have My Store Account….. same story, No place to sign up and create a password. Only forgotten password and then is does not allow me BECAUSE i do not have a flippen existing account / password. SO please create my Account with password AnnaKet@3 from YOUR side.

  4. I cannot set-up my account because it does not allow any of the passwords I have entered, even though they are 8 or more characters long, they include an upper-cap and a number

  5. I have tried 4 times to reset my password and I get an error message each time

  6. There is no account link on the top of the page. I need to change my password

  7. I am not receiving an email. Why is there no place under the account to set a new password. (I have my password saved on my computer, but cannot see it. I am unable to login to the app on my new phone to sync my meter.)

  8. Tell me how to just change my password. I didn’t forget it.

  9. Just received my KetoMojo. Was setting up my account and I guess I didn’t do it correctly ( I
    put in wrong email and or password) Now I cant get into my account. I’ve checked” forgot my password” but don’t see anything in my email. Please help. Jane Dean

  10. Can you help me change my password another way?

  11. I have just signed up to an account with you, but it will not allow me to sign in, and when I try to reset my password it says that no account has been set up with my e-nail address!!!


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