What You Need to Know About Meter Accuracy and the Difference Between The Keto-Mojo GK+ and the FORA 6 Connect

Published: September 06, 2022

Blood glucose and ketone meters are extremely valuable tools if you have diabetes, follow the ketogenic diet, or simply want to improve your metabolic health.

While at-home meters aren’t as accurate as “benchmark” lab tests, they’re still accurate enough to ensure you make safe decisions about glucose and ketone management–and they’re also strictly regulated by the FDA and other governing bodies as medical devices. READ MORE


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The Keto-Mojo meter and testing strips utilize the most advanced technology in in-vitro glucose and ketone testing. We take healthcare seriously which is why our meter exceeds all FDA standards for accuracy and the more exacting ISO International standards. We stand behind our meter with a lifetime warranty! READ MORE

Results from a Comparison Report on Glucose Monitoring Systems

The objective of the comparison report was to demonstrate the accuracy of the top blood glucose monitoring systems, specifically the Keto-Mojo GK+, FORA 6 Connect, Abbott Precision Xtra, and Accu-Chek
Performa when compared to a laboratory reference measurement method (YSI 2900). The study was performed with fresh fingertip blood samples.

The graphs below for each meter are called Difference Plots. They are used to compare the results of each meter in relation to the lab results. The dotted lines represent the limits of the FDA accuracy standards, the solid line in the middle is the glucose laboratory test result, and the red dots represent the meter readings in relation to the lab result.

The difference plot essentially shows how close the meter reading was to the actual lab result across a range of readings from low to high, and identifies if there is a tendency toward a meter reading higher or lower than the lab results.

Notice that the GK+ meter readings hover relatively close to the lab results and FORA 6 Connect meter readings have a tendency to skew lower than the lab results. The GK+ meter is calibrated for a more even trend line with lab results, making it a more reliable and “accurate” meter.

You can get the full report here.


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