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Ketone meter

Ketone meter, a literally priceless, yet made affordable, high-tech medical, monitoring system is the most ideal gadget to keep you up-to-date with the level of glucose, ketone, haemaglobin and hematocrit in your body. This modern age medical equipment, is used by people with diabetes condition and those who are under ketogenic diet. Its multi-functional feature makes it commendable, since most patients tend to suffer from other minor ailments, requiring them to monitor other factors. With this ketone meter, they can be able to still monitor these minor factors. Its level of accuracy makes it very reliable unlike majority of new medical equipment that are mostly, or sometimes in rare occasions, their results filled with inconsistencies.

This futuristic monitoring system is made of technology that was once available to doctors’ equipments only, and now is accessible to patients giving them the obligation to manage their condition with much ease and urgency it requires. With the prescription of use by the doctor, suggesting you use the device before or after meals, you will now be prepared to use it. It is practical, effortless in operating and user friendly to those who do not blend well with technology. To add on the esteemed endless list of features, is that you can view level of glucose results over an average of 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. This makes it versatile and you can adjust it according to your preferred fondness. With the calibration done on test strip, it contributes to accuracy of results, brings suitability apparently to those who may desire to refer the tested strip to the doctor during regular check-ups. Refined modernized monitoring system like this Ketone meter is made with hygienic strip ejector to make sure the strip is not contaminated and hence avoids tampering with the accuracy of the results.

Interestingly, the sophisticated technology has taken into consideration the busy schedule of people nowadays. It is not surprising, to skip your testing schedule given by the doctor. Contemplating this fact, this Ketone meter has an added feature, a four daily alarm system to remind you in case you are too busy. Manufacturers of this Ketone meter fully comprehend the seriousness of keeping to schedules when it comes to diabetes, that’s why it is of great emphasis to be at an advantage if you have this device which has an alarm.

Most importantly, you can measure katogenic diet with the level of accuracy set that no other monitoring device is able to meet. The liver breaks fats to produce ketones. In this millennium, the main agenda of most people is to reduce fat to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and even to be fit. In regards to this, measuring katogenic diet is equally important to know the level of fats in your body and keeping track of your diet. You can measure katogenic diet by using a code strip. Women who are pregnant can also keep track of their sugar level and avoid gestational diabetes which is caused by hormones in the placenta causing high blood sugar. If Ketone meter indicates high sugar levels in the blood, the pregnant mother should decrease her sugar intake to control sugars into healthy levels in the blood stream.

Final but not least, is that this ketone meter has a large LCD backlight to increase the vision of display to the users. You can use it in darker places without straining hence you can record accurate result.

This ketone meter is indeed one of the advanced medical devices, made to assist in combating serious conditions and making patient’s lifestyle better.



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