"I love my keto mojo.. and very happy when I had a problem I got an email right way and problem was fixed"
    Bonnie E.
    Great product and customer service
      "Easy to use. Very good product."
      Dawn E.
      Keto-Mojo Meter
        "Results from my latest lab work verifies the accuracy of my new best friend. I took readings with my Keto-Mojo Meter 15 minutes before and after my bloodwork. My Blood Glucose level before was 138 and after was 139. Lab results 139! My HCT level before was 42 and after was 41, Lab results 43.9. My Hb level before was 14.2 and after was 13.9. Lab results 14.8. Blood Glucose was spot on! Keto-Mojo rocks!"
        John L.
        Glucose Strips
          "Glucose strips at a great price! My Keto-Mojo seem to be more consistent and accurate than my One-Touch Ultra or my Precision Xtra in a side-by side comparison."
          John L.
          love the pro plus kit
            "I received my order and my first keto test was 1.7mmol. I was pretty excited. I've been doing the Keto Lifestyle since Feb 28th, and have been curious if I was in keto. It's nice to be able to have a device that can actually tell me that I am, rather than just wondering."
            Ami R.
            First time user
              "Ordering and shipping was very smooth. Suggestion to other newbies watch the videos before reading it will save you lots of time. The system so far works perfectly once I found the right place to draw from (I guess I have thick skin or fast clotting). Highly recommend this to any one just starting the Keto diet - it really help to know if your on the right path."
              david j.
              Keto Mojo
                "Great product, compact, and easy to use. "
                Litahni S.
                Works great
                  "Easy enough to use. I have heard from many it is accurate so I am sure it is. The price of the test strips sold me on it."
                  Wayne F.
                    "They are great."
                    Lisa C.
                      "The science behind Keto has always appealed to me. I’m an Adkins girl from way back. Blood monitoring is so much more consistent and rewarding than the other method of ketone monitoring I have used. I needed a positive reinforcement source since I have decided st stay off of the scale except once a month. Keto is a lifestyle change not a diet and Keto-Mojo is just the Mojic I needed! Thank you!"
                      Caresa K.
                      Love it!!
                        "Great product. Easy to use. "
                        Amanda S.
                        Excellent product
                          "Keto-mojo ketone strips are easy to use and fast. My teenage son will test himself without being reminded. That’s a big deal in our house! Thanks for a quality product at an affordable price. "
                          Debbie T.
                          Leto-Mojo Pro Plus
                            "This has been a great investment! The meter has been the best I have ever used and I should know. I was a type-1 diabetic for 20+ years, went through a kidney/pancreas transplant 7 years ago and started the Atkins diet 2 weeks ago. Testing ketones and glucose on 1 meter with no attachments (meter automatically recognizes test strip type) is so easy. Where have you been all my life keto-mojo? Forget those useless ketone ***** strips. They never were accurate, blood sample is the way to go. Meter and test strips are more than a reasonable price. Take it from an old type 1 diabetic. I stand behind this item 100% and I didn’t even get a discount or paid for this review."
                            Donald M.
                            Great product
                              "Perfect! Much better than test sticks. The Monitor is easy to read and use, as well as retrieve my daily testings to journalize. Now staying in ketosis will not be such a guessing game. "
                              Marcella C.
                                "It arrived very fast from Ca. to Mi. in 3 days. Very well packaged. Worked great first try!! I test every 3 weeks. So won't test til next week again. I would highly recommend this. Company to all. Great communication and customer service. Awesome products. Thank You Jeff."
                                Jeffrey J.
                                  "So easy, comes super fast, easy to understand readings. I’m obsessed with this product. "
                                  Rachael C.
                                  Full of satisfaction
                                    "I really enjoyed using the keto monitor. The customer service is more than perfect"
                                    Isma a.
                                    Keto mojo strips... ketone and glucose
                                      "Just love you guys... fast, curtious check out.... who could ask for more?"
                                      Kyndall S.
                                      Best Customer Care!
                                        "I got these strips after a snafu with an Amazon purchase of the same strips. Contacted Keto-Mojo about the problem and they almost immediately returned my email. And went above and beyond in their help to me. It was amazing. And the strips are working wonderfully. Thanks!!"
                                        Kellie C.
                                        Awesome product
                                          "Absolutely great! Easy to use, very helpful with following the Keto lifestyle! "
                                          Jennifer M.
                                          Easy to use
                                            "So far I’ve found it easy to use. Watching the YouTube videos helped to set it up. Customer service was quick and courteous. Hopefully the supplies won’t get too expensive. "
                                            Donna B.
                                            Excellent Products
                                              "Your products are great. The ease of use and instructional videos are great. "
                                              Jeffrey L.
                                              Great Meter!
                                                "I’ve used a lot of meters but this one is top quality! Wanting to hone in on ketosis levels and survey what was out there to recommend to patients I’m really pleased with the performance of this meter. Have only used the ketone option I can’t speak on the glucose option but the operation is very smooth and reliable. Thanks Keto Mojo!"
                                                Jan H.
                                                Works great
                                                  "Love this meter! I got it to track my ketones and blood glucose for LCHF / intermittent fasting way of eating. It is very easy to use and understand the readings. Shipping was super fast! "
                                                  Tammy T.
                                                  Keto Mojo
                                                    "I really love this meter. No problems at all and the test strips are a reasonable price."
                                                    Keli L.
                                                    Couldn't be happier
                                                      "Just received my first refill on ketone and glucose strips. Very pleased with the measurement device and strips. Product was received quickly (a few days). Thank you! "
                                                      Doug S.
                                                      Works for me.
                                                        "Glad I watched your video on YT that showed the details concerning the test calibration."
                                                        Rodney B.
                                                        Thrilled and grateful
                                                          "Have been beyond thrilled with the customer service and genuine caring this company has exhibited! Highly recommend them!"
                                                          Marlene S.
                                                          Love this stuff!
                                                            "Very good quality strips! Meter is easy to use and strips work ver well."
                                                            Aaron S.
                                                            Fast shipping
                                                              "The glucose strips work well and I like having just one meter for monitoring glucose and ketones."
                                                              Janis F.