Besy glucose stips on the market!
    "Does the job saves money and super convenient ahipping right to my door what is not to love? Love my Keto Mojo and how it has simplified my daily testing "
    Ryan O.
    Initial purchase
      "Very good so far. I've only tested twice. It's the same process as testing for glucose, which is something I'm familiar with already. The device operates as advertised. "
      STEPHEN C.
      Found my Mojo..
        "This is my 2nd keto/glucose monitor ( I have a precision Xtra) I was looking for a cheaper way of monitoring my BG and Ketones. it was a very quick and easy set up. Very easy to use. so far I love it!! As a nurse Im critical of glucometers that are hard to use and learn to use. the display is nice and big even I can read it without my glasses. great job!! "
        deborah s.
          "Love these strips. They're inexpensive as well. That's a win in my book. "
          Eli B.
          Awesome customer service
            "Right away unwanted to use my meter but was encountering some user error! I called customer service. This alone is awesome because half the places I buy things don't have a posted phone number. I got a gal right away when I called who helped me so much! I've tested now 3 days in a row without any issues at all! Love the company, the meter and the data! Keto on! "
            Heather I.
            Stellar product and Customer Service
              "If you are doing Keto tracking your ketones is a must! This device is so accurate and easy to use! Well worth the investment! Now the most important part, their customer service; it’s on a whole other level! If I had a question they explained it thoroughly! If I had an issue with my strips (probably my error) they fixed it! I can’t say enough! They went above and beyond! This company stands behind their product and that says a lot! I will be a life time customer and will recommend to all my Keto friends ❤️ "
              Brandi T.
              Satisfied Customer
                "Helps me stay on track."
                James B.
                Great product!
                  "So glad I got the Keto Mojo. It has taken away all of the stress I was feeling about whether I was in Ketosis or not. Very easy to use. 😁👍🏽"
                  Beverly O.
                  Great service
                    "Great. Easy to use website and fast shipping"
                    nicole D.
                    Ketone strips and lancet device
                      "I had just purchased the founders pack a month ago and my lancet device cracked. I had ordered ketone strips earlier that day before I realized my device had broken. Customer service was outstanding and had the common sense to ship the replacement device (at no additional cost to me) with the strips I ordered, so as to save on postage. My experience was outstanding and I received my items very quickly! I love my Keto-mojo and recommend it highly! Excellent customer service wins my vote, everyday!! "
                      Kathleen P.
                      Glucose Strips
                        "Working like expected! Thanks keto-mojo!"
                        Mary J.
                        Best price out there!
                          "I'm happy with the Keto Mojo and am excited that I can purchase the ketone strips for $1 each! Definitely worth buying if you are trying to go Keto. Motivates you when you start seeing your numbers go up. "
                          Christina J.
                          Happy Happy
                            "Love it! Very happy with my device. Came pretty quickly in the mail. Wish it came with more needles and alcohol swabs, which are sold separately outside the site. Will recommend to friends!"
                            Alexa B.
                            The wait is over
                              "I mention your item on every diabetic and Dexcom and Tandem site I belong to. The piece of mind of checking ketones at night and having no excuses from school nurses on getting ketone checks is priceless to me. Teaching the ten year old to match blood sugar with ketone check when warrented is awesome. Thank you couldn’t afford them before you guys came along"
                              Linda L.
                              Easy to use, even on the go.
                                "I learned how to us it quickly and it’s helping me understand my blood sugar better!"
                                Cicely B.
                                Keto mojo is fanatic!
                                  "The people at Keto Mojo were very knowledgeable. Love that is a small company and they are changing the keto game for the average person who can’t afford a pharmacy brand keto meter. Mojo on!!!!"
                                  Chad T.
                                    "I don't track daily but trust my Mojo to be accurate when I do. Great, reliable product (always within a point or two of my old Accu-Check) with fast and friendly service. Keep up the great work!"
                                    Heidi H.
                                      "Never had a problem with them or the glucose strips. Well worth the money."
                                      SEAN A.
                                        "Love everything about the keto mojo. Easy peasy to use. "
                                        Donna M.
                                        Keto Mojo
                                          "Love this item! "
                                          Kellie H.
                                          Keto Mojo BOMB
                                            "I love the simple use of the device. Keeps me on track and helps me identify what foods affect my progress. "
                                            Genaro A.
                                            Fast service
                                              "Great products Great service"
                                              David D.
                                                "Easy to use and easy to read. "
                                                Karen B.
                                                Keto Mojo Pro - Recommended Purchase
                                                  "Very happy with the product and it does everything that I wanted it to do while on a keto lifestyle. "
                                                  Jonathan G.
                                                  Good product and helpful guides
                                                    "The videos linked in the email I received upon delivery of my keto mojo we're helpful in getting me started on the right track. The tester is easy to read and the kit is convenient to stow away. I would make this purchase again."
                                                    Jennifer G.
                                                    My third order
                                                      "I have so far placed 3 orders and I am still amazed at how fast the orders arrive! The product is very easy to set up, and thank you so much for the very helpful videos. It made the whole process so much easier. I would highly recommend his product and the price can't be beat!"
                                                      Sara H.
                                                      Love it
                                                        "Order came as promised. Everything worked great"
                                                        Nancy D.
                                                        Simple to use fast ship
                                                          "All has been great bought wanting to watch my keto numbers as I try to do a reboot and reset. Easy to use and videos help those setup and use the tool if your to lazy to read... hand raised Tom D—"
                                                          Tom D.
                                                          Great product, recommending it for fellow Keto friends!
                                                            "The videos make it easy to use and the process is simple.! Now I know exactly where I am in my keto journey. "
                                                            Mandy S.
                                                            Very Helpful and Easy
                                                              "Love this monitor and how easy it is to measure my glucose and ketones in the AM. Thank you."
                                                              Michele R.