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5 stars
    "Super easy, great information on videos!"
    Brenda G.
    keto-mojo ketone strips
      "Very easy to use. Easy way to get information needed Thank you"
      Ralph C.
        "After using the Nova max for years, keto-mojo is a big quality upgrade. The best part is the price of ketone test strips is cut in half. Very easy checkout and fast shipping. Great meter!"
        Andrew F.
        Keto Mojo is the best
          "First, dealing with the company, they were professional, ordering was quick. Emails were answered quickly. Not sure when they sleep or if they do. The shipping was fast. This is the first time I’ve used glucose strips. The Keto Mojo meter makes reading the strips so easy. The packaging of the strips is sealed and easy to pull one out. "
          Nancy R.
          Awesome product
            "I love my meter! I have not compared it to any other meters on the market, but it is simple to use and gives me all the information I want. I was able to discover that my health issues are tied to being anemic because of the hematocrit and hemoglobin measurements. My intention was to only monitor my glucose and ketone levels, but having the additional measurements has been instrumental in my road back to health!"
            Jason V.
            Great Customer Service & Great Products
              "I was researching keto meters and heard about Keto-Mojo. I watched YouTube videos on the meters and how easy they seemed to be. Then I went to the Keto-Mojo website and researched them more. The combination I wanted (the meter and 10 starter strips) was back ordered. I didn't want to wait but I also wanted to get in on the promotional to be a founding member to be assured of being able to get the test strips at 99 cents for life. I started chatting on-line with a Keto-Mojo rep who told me I could order from Amazon and then contact them via Facebook and give them my Amazon order number and e-mail address and they would put me in as a founding member. When my meter came I had some questions about setting up the date, time and using the code key. Once again I got on-line and chatted with a Keto-Mojo rep who helped me sail through the set-up. Their service has been great! Now I've been using the meter for about a week and a half. It has been trouble free and I love knowing what my ketone numbers are. This has been so helpful because I'm trying to reverse diabetes via a ketogenic diet. Staying in ketosis is very important for doing that. Also, I went out to eat once and having the meter allowed me to check to see if there were any hidden sugars or carbs in my meal and reassured me that I was still in ketosis. Thank you Keto-Mojo for great service, wonderful products and great pricing."
              High Quality
                "Well designed and easy to use. Excellent company!"
                Evangeline M.
                Great product
                  "It is an inexpensive but reliable product."
                  Liz p.
                  Lisa Diaz
                    "I love love my Mojo!!!! Customer service and delivery time was amazing!!!!"
                    Lisa D.
                      "Great product. Easy to use. Great price too! "
                      Linda A.
                      5 stars!
                        "Love the strips and customer service is exceptional!"
                        Ken E.
                        Love my meter and strips!
                          "Will definitely be using this site for many purchases/years to come! Thank you Keto-Mojo! Keto on!"
                          Stephanie M.
                            "Amazing service and prices. "
                            Janice D.
                            Absolutely love it
                              "Hands down such a helpful tool to imlament in to any ones Keto life style wether it be for fitness, body composition, overall health or my favorite all 3 to really take your Keto to the next level!! You can not go wrong with the Keto mojo!!!"
                              Patrick F.
                              Love KM product
                                "Customer service is always great Great features, great price "
                                Bill A.
                                Love my Keto-mojo
                                  "I have been using my Keto mojo for months. It helps me keep on track with my health goals, is very easy to use and convenient to transport. Most importantly my refill strips are delivered quick and easy. So glad I have my Keto-mojo"
                                  Erica C.
                                  Great quality and fast service!
                                    "I am quite impressed with the ease of use and quality of the glucose strips, ketone strips and the mojo meter."
                                    Tom C.
                                    More bang for your buck and great customer service!
                                      "I've been using Precision Xtra Monitor to check my blood glucose and ketones but the strips are expensive. But with my new Keto Mojo I can now afford to check both more frequently. Knowing what my hematocrit and hemoglobin are is an added bonus. I also just feel better supporting a small responsive company who is concerned about my satisfaction rather than a huge pharmaceutical company only concerned with profits. "
                                      Jean S.
                                      Loving my Keto Mojo
                                        "I bought it for both checking my glucose, and my ketos. I discovered I am pre-diabetic. I feel good knowing I have something that can help me beat off being a full blown diabetic. I am very happy with the product and how simply it works!"
                                        Lynette M.
                                        Works well
                                          "Works fine, does all it advertises."
                                          ALICE M.
                                          Re-order testing strips
                                            "Quick delivery! Very pleased with the product and the service!"
                                            Maureen M.
                                            The Absolute Best Option
                                              "The Keto Mojo is so simple to use. Not only is it easy its completely affordable! Thank you for making it possible for me to track my Ketones daily!"
                                              Jason C.
                                              great price for great product
                                                "i love using these strips and will continue to purchase them"
                                                Austin M.
                                                awesome product!
                                                  "Good so far!! Thanks for coming up with a lower priced option!"
                                                  Michael W.
                                                  High Quality Meter
                                                    "Well made & sturdy meter. Comes in zippered cloth kit holding meter, lancet & test strips. Usage instructions are clear and to the point."
                                                    Joe W.
                                                    Keto Mojo
                                                      "I am very happy with my MOJO. It seems to be accurate. I love the ability to check for ketones, glucose, & your H&H. Easy setup & simple to use. "
                                                      Tonya W.
                                                      Love it
                                                        "This is a great motivational tool for getting into ketosis. It's nice to see exactly where you stand in the whole process and if you're doing what you need to do diet/fasting wise to get into a desired range. The extra hb and hct measurements are a nice bonus piece of information about yourself, especially if you're concerned about iron levels. Having the option to test both glucose and ketones is useful, allowing you to avoid having both levels high at the same time. Great measurement tool and as a result a great motivational tool."
                                                        Erica C.
                                                        Great purchase
                                                          "Order came faster than expected. It’s a very good unit at a very affordable price and future ketone strips will be much more affordable than what other brands would be. The videos are very helpful and sufficient to get started. Im very pleased with this purchase"
                                                          Dave S.
                                                          Easy & Dependable
                                                            "Ordering is easy. Shipping and delivery are dependable in just a few days. Keto Mojo is a great device for tracking and understanding a ketogenic or LCHF lifestyle."
                                                            Karen H.
                                                            Knowledge is power
                                                              "I just completed a 3 day fast. Having the keto-mojo was an amazing tool to help track how my body was responding (I tracked glucose and ketones)."
                                                              Genny C.