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Very Helpfull
    "I Love me Keto Meter its so fun to see when i go into Ketosis and what foods knock me out of Ketosis. Highly recommend this company!!"
    christopher b.
    As promised!
      "The user booklets were very helpful for the beginner. Picture instruction (Quick Start) and written instruction both excellent and allowed me to begin testing, with no problem, immediately. Thank you!"
      Leslie H.
      Keto mojo
        "My order was received timely. I have not used it as yet, ordered it earlier than needed to ensure I received it before a price hike."
        Cathy O.
        New Keto Mojo
          "Overall very good. It took me a little bit to get the assembly figured out but I had used your product before belonging to someone else so I had a general idea. Worked great the first time though! And the price is great!"
          Colleen A.
          Keto Mojo is good
            "Good price. Does what it is advertised to do. Doesn't get better than that."
            Adam B.
            Keto Mojo For the Win
              "I have used many ketone and glucose meters and love the mojo! I recommend all my patients buy it. The cost of the strips make the mojo by far more affordable than the other meters out there!"
              Dominique T.
              Strip Review
                "Impressive technology! Works perfectly! Very pleased."
                Bonnie J.
                Strip Review
                  "They work perfectly ! Amazing technology! Very pleased."
                  Bonnie J.
                  Love it
                    "I love being able to check to see where I'm at. My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and has a different brand that we use when she gets sick. I may just switch to this for her too since it is MUCH more affordable and just as accurate."
                    Heather G.
                    Total Game Changer
                      "The amount of eye opening data this product has allowed me to gain is amazing. It has allowed me to hone in on my diet and learn how different foods affect me and how I feel based on what I ate. The hard data and correlating how feel is the final puzzle piece to a healthy ketogenic diet and state of mind. PLUS YOU CAN'T BE THE KETONE TEST STRIP PRICES!!! "
                      Michael S.
                      Love it
                        "This is very affordable and works great!!!"
                        Tim W.
                        Great Product
                          "First of all, super fast delivery. Thank you! This product is definitely worth the money. First time ketonian here, and after much research on every meter available this was the best purchase. Thank you"
                          Nicole L.
                          Good product
                            "I have never used a meter before but having trouble losing weight on a keto diet so wanted to track ketones more closely. This meter arrived when expected, packaged very well, and is easy to use and read. Highly recommend."
                            Diana G.
                              "I love this monitor! Keto mojo!!Thanks "
                              Rebecca S.
                                "The product works just like I need it to, shipping is SUPER fast and the price can’t be beat. I do wish the H&H were accurate though. But they aren’t a needed bit of info, so I still give this product 5 stars. "
                                Lakey D.
                                A result I can believe
                                  "The keto mojo meter and test strips along with my glucose meter provide results that I can believe. I also like the cost of the test strips."
                                  Victor S.
                                  Love my keto mojo
                                    "I have had it for over a week now. I love it. I get a better reading of were I stand instead on guessing with the *** strips. Thank you for such a great product. "
                                    Edson C.
                                    works great
                                      "keto mojo works well. mojo strips are the best price I have found. glucose strips cheaper than the old strips i used to buy too! Win-win"
                                      sheri B.
                                      Game Changer
                                        "I love this product. I just started down the Keto path. Having tried many different things, none of them worked. This has stuck and I continue to make changes! The Mojo was taking it to the next level. I test my blood everyday to make sure I am where I need to be and it makes it so easy and simple. Plus, the price of the strips is unreal. I reached out a while back to ask about the Lancets and Customer Service got back to me on Messenger almost immediately and were kind and answered every question I had about it. Thank you guys so much and I push anyone thinking about this to just do it. You will not be disappointed."
                                        LCDR C.
                                        Great Item
                                          "I am very happy with the Keto Mojo. This is the first time I have ever used a Ketone and Glucose Meter and it was pretty easy. I bought the founders club kit so I have not had to buy extra strips yet, but I am glad they are much cheaper than the other brands."
                                          Charles C.
                                            "Everything was flawless. Ordering, shipping, use of the machine. It’s quite interesting to be able to monitor your ketone level. And the blood glucose is an added bonus. As someone who is pre-diabetic and losing weight to prevent diabetes the glucose testing has been so valuable. Plus after reading all the documentation I am positive that the meter is extremely accurate. "
                                            Joanne K.
                                            Controlling insulin
                                              "I am finding the keto mojo useful to make sure that insulin levels are low. When Insulin levels are low I am in fat burning mode. "
                                              John M.
                                              works perfect
                                                "Thank you, appreciate your help This is working great for us. "
                                                Rick J.
                                                A+ Customer Service
                                                  "I had to talk to customer service because of an error that I made and they couldn’t have been better to deal with to resolve my issue. The ketone strips work great and easy. Overall fantastic experience with Keto Mojo!!"
                                                  Ron B.
                                                  Great Product!
                                                    "I love my Keto mojo! Helps me keep track of my blood sugar and my ketones to see if I am in Ketosis! "
                                                    Jessie B.
                                                    Keto-Moto Glucose strips accurate
                                                      "So far as I can tell, by checking against another meter (TrueToGo), the Keto is very accurate - The surprising thing is that the post-prandial glucose curve is longer and later for the high than with the TrueToGo, but I think it is more accurate b/c of using the hemocrit reading in the analysis"
                                                      Jane B.
                                                      Ketone Testing Kit and extra strips.
                                                        "Great overall experience. Easy to use and indispensable in monitoring my ketone levels. "
                                                        Reginald B.
                                                          "The piece of mind outweighs the minimal investment I made in the purchase of the Ketonian Pro Plus, Founders Club Kit. I no longer have to guess if I am in Ketosis and I can also check my blood sugar levels with the same machine by inserting the Glucose strips. Setup and use of the machine was easy. "
                                                          Brenda B.
                                                          Quick to arrive, even faster to test
                                                            "I LOVE it so far!"
                                                            Briana R.
                                                              "I am so glad I found this product through Stephanie Keto Person on YouTube. The price of the ketone strips is AWESOME! This was my first time using a glucometer/ketometer on myself and he device was easy to set up for a newbie like me."
                                                              Anna A.