How to Sync Your GK+/GKI Meter to your Smartphone

  • Last updated Mayıs 19, 2022

You must take at least one glucose or ketone test with your meter before you attempt to sync your meter to your phone. Once you have completed a blood test,  you are ready to sync the meter to either one of our free apps (the Keto-Mojo Classic App or the MyMojoHealth App).

Follow these steps to sync your meter with your phone:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON within your smartphone settings.
  2. Download either the  Keto-Mojo Classic App or the MyMojoHealth App on your smartphone and create a MyMojoHealth account in the app settings. If you are unsure which app to download, you can view a comparison İşte.  See below for download links.
  3. Android users must have their Location services and storage permissions ON within the in-app settings. To learn more about why Location services need to be turned on, click İşte.
  4. Turn the meter on by pressing the home button on the front of the meter. The meter will beep, and you will see the Bluetooth icon flashing.
  5. Open the settings in either the Keto-Mojo Classic App or the MyMojoHealth App and click “Sync”, it will look for the device, connect, and download the readings! The device or meter should be near the phone.

You are now ready to continue your journey using the Keto-Mojo meter and apps to help you monitor your level of ketosis and your keto journey!

Links to Download the Apps:

1. To Download the Classic App

2. To Download the MyMojoHealth App: 

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