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Tack för ditt intresse för att bli ett Keto-Mojo-medlem.

Our program invites healthcare practitioners, influencers, and coaches in the ketogenic community to use our products and tools to motivate followers and to use real-time data for improved patient monitoring and compliance! Share the benefits of glucose and ketone testing, while earning referral income (for healthcare professionals, referral income is optional).

Becoming an affiliate allows you to extend a 15% discount on meter kits to your followers or patients, an exclusive offer only for our affiliates.  You can choose to earn a referral commission on these sales, or opt-out depending on your business practices.

As a general guide, we accept social media affiliates with at least 5,000 engaged followers who are excited to create and share content on when, how, and why to test for keto success. Social media criteria do not apply to healthcare practitioners.

Om du vill veta mer om vårt partnerprogram eller att ansöka, klick här. Vi kommer tillbaka till dig inom två arbetsdagar.

Tack igen och keto-on!

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