Uma investigação sobre os interesses adquiridos e a ideologia que moldam nossas diretrizes alimentares "baseadas em plantas"


Belinda Fettke

I am the proud wife of Gary, a mum of three young adults and doting grandmother of 1. I have been a professional photographer for 18 years starting out with theatre photography and then working for a private school for 8 years; recording everything from 3 year olds in sandpits to rock bands on stage; athletic carnivals; school balls and old collegian functions. I ventured out into my own photography business in 2008 and loved the opportunity to photograph couples on their wedding day and again as their families grew. I have been involved in lots of commercial work over the past 10 years, too.

I was a Registered Nurse in my teens and twenties and love that I have come full circle back to healthcare. I became a staunch supporter of Low Carbohydrate, Healthy Fat principles after seeing the health benefits Gary was able to achieve for himself and his patients.

Following Gary’s ‘star chamber’ investigation by the AHPRA Medical Board of Tasmanian for 2 1/2 years, and the life-long, non-appellable ruling they handed down in November 2016, I have taken a more central role supporting Gary, advocating LCHF through social media platforms and challenging the role of Vested Interests and Ideology in the shaping of our dietary and health guidelines. #isupportgary

To find Belinda Fettke online, go to: Website, Facebook, Twitter.


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