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Ivor Cummins, BE(Chem) CEng MIEI PMP

Ivor Cummins completed a Chemical Engineering degree at UCD in 1990. He has since spent over 25 years in corporate technical leadership and management positions and was shortlisted in 2015 as one of the top 6 of 500 applicants for “Irish Chartered Engineer of the Year”. Ivor’s focus and specialty is leading teams in complex problem-solving scenarios. He has often led worldwide teams with over 60-70 engineers working on major technical issues; the largest of these involved product issues where hundreds of millions of dollars were in the balance.

Several years ago, Ivor encountered a complex technical challenge in his personal life. Receiving poor blood test results, he was unable to get solutions via the doctors consulted. He thus embarked on an intense period of biochemical research into the science of human metabolism. Within eight weeks he had resolved and optimized all of his blood test metrics. Also, he had shed over 15Kg of bodyfat with relative ease. In the following years he continued his research on the many “root causes” of modern disease, from “cholesterol” through to insulin resistance. He has become a professional speaker of note, giving many public lectures and chairing interviews with worldwide health experts.

Most notably he was invited by the President of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) to give a keynote talk on heart disease root causes, at their annual conference in London last October. All of Ivor’s public lectures and interviews are available on his YouTube channel, where nearly a million views have been recorded to date. His book on chronic disease root causes and resolution strategies (co-authored with Denver doctor Jeffry Gerber MD, FAAFP) was released by a major US publisher on February 27th 2018: Eat-Rich-Live-Long.

To find Ivor Cummins online, go to: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

Livros e outros materiais deste orador

Eat Rich, Live Long Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity

In this book, Ivor Cummins, a world-class engineer and technical master for a huge global tech corporation, and Dr. Jeff Gerber, a family doctor who is widely regarded as a global leader in low-carb nutrition, team up to present their unique perspectives from their extensive clinical, medical, and scientific/research experience. Together, Cummins and Gerber crack the code that shows you how to eat the foods you enjoy, lose weight, and regain robust health. They reveal how the nutritional “experts” have gotten it so wrong for so long by demonizing healthy natural fats in our diets and focusing on cholesterol and LDL as the villains.

Diabetes desembalado Apenas ciência e senso. Sem revestimento de açúcar

Este livro reuniu algumas das melhores mentes que trabalham no campo da diabetes e da dieta. O resultado é uma coleção de capítulos de líderes de pensamento, acadêmicos e médicos que abordam os grandes problemas. O que é diabetes? Quais são os diferentes tipos? O que causa isso? Quem entende? Por que comemos tanto carboidratos? Por que diabéticos morrem de doenças cardíacas? Por que os atletas geralmente têm diabetes tipo 2? Os escritores deste livro abordam o diabetes de vários ângulos diferentes, mas todos compartilham uma crença comum: o diabetes não precisa ser “crônico e progressivo”. Tanto o Tipo 1 quanto o Tipo 2 podem ser substancialmente aliviados e o último pode ser 'colocado em remissão.'


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