Como evitar as complicações do diabetes tipo 1


David Dikeman, PhD

Dr. Dikeman has an exceptional background in applied/experimental physics and theoretical/mathematical physics. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, he studied engineering physics. He then switched from applied/engineering studies to the mathematically oriented field of theoretical particle physics, and attained his Ph.D. by producing important results with the Russian ITEP group in the field of applied quantum field theory at The Theoretical Physics Institute at The University of Minnesota.

Now working at Lockheed Martin, Dr. Dikeman serves as a Chief Scientist. In the world of low carb diets and diabetes, Dr. Dikeman is father to David Dikeman, a 12 year old T1DM. Soon after his David’s diagnosis at age 9, Dr. Dikeman began research on the so-called ‘AP’ – the automated pump – which he quickly abandoned after realizing that the key to normal blood sugars was a low carbohydrate approach. Months after diagnosis, David began following the low carbohydrate diet and diabetes management approach found in Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book ‘Diabetes Solution’ and rapidly attained normal, healthy, non-diabetic blood sugars.

After David experienced this stunning, life-changing turn around in his health and well-being, they became passionate advocates for the low carb approach to achieving normal blood sugars and avoiding diabetic complications. Meanwhile, Dr. Dikeman and Dr. Bernstein became great friends via their combined interests in physics and diabetes and Dr. Dikeman took on the task of producing ‘Diabetes University’, a free YouTube channel that contains nearly everything having to do with diabetes – 100+ videos and growing. With Allison Herschede, Debbie Wright Theriault, Derek C. Raulerson, and hundreds of other passionate type 1 diabetics following Bernstein’s low carb approach, ‘TYPEONEGRIT’ – a Facebook group – was then formed with the purpose of spreading the message that type one diabetes can be controlled with a low carbohydrate diet.

As word has spread and with hundreds now turning into thousands now achieving success previously not thought possible, Dr. Dikeman has teamed with a well-known group of low carb and diabetes researchers for the purpose of documenting and publishing the success of the TYPEONEGRIT group in its utilization of the low carb approach to achieve normal blood sugars.


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