Preclinical Research Suggests Anti-Cancer Effect of Keto Diet

It's well known that keeping blood glucose levels in check can help individuals avoid or manage diabetes, but new research led by biologists at The University of Texas at Dallas suggests that restrict...

Are There Hospitals That are Using the Ketogenic Diet as Management Therapy for Cancer?

Yes, although the interest in the beginning, research stages. Cedars-Sinai is currently running a research trial looking at the ketogenic diet and standard of care for brain cancer. Details here: Clin...

Sugar in Fruit Juice May Raise Risk of Cancer, Study Finds

Drinking large amounts of fruit juice may raise your risk of cancer, according to a big study which has found a link between the regular consumption of all kinds of sugary drinks and the likelihood of...

A Cancer Researcher Who’s Been Keto for 6 Years Thinks Our Modern Diets are an ‘axis of illness’ — Here’s What He Eats Instead

David Harper's high-fat, low-carb keto diet includes liver, cream, and green beans. He and his wife have done a sugar-free ketogenic plan since 2013....


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