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  • Last updated Dezembro 7, 2017

Ketone-Strip Pricing is at the Heart of the Keto-Mojo Story.

Before we launched the business in September of 2017, ketone-strip pricing averaged $4 a strip and all the manufacturers were big pharmaceutical companies. It was our company mission to offer a more affordable way to measure ketones so more people could benefit from the ketogenic way of life. At $2 per strip, our suggested retail price was half of the average industry price. But we decided to launch our business with a promotional price of 99¢ per strip to our first customers, and offer this price to those customers for life.

As you can imagine, our approach received a lot of endorsements and accolades. As our business grew, the big pharma competitors felt the pressure to reduce their pricing. Mission accomplished, we succeeded in making testing more affordable.  We’ve kept our strip pricing at 99¢ (which has very little markup) and hope to be able lower prices even more when the technology becomes available. Our commitment to the ketogenic community is long term!

Why are Prices Different Between Glucose and Ketone Strips?

You may have noticed that there is a price difference between the Keto-Mojo glucose and ketone strips – here are a few facts that explain why:

  1.  The price of the glucose strips is based on frequency of testing for diabetics (4 times a day or more) meaning that there is a greater scale of need for the glucose strips, which drives down the price.
  2.  For the ketone strips, there is only one manufacturer in the world that makes the reactive enzyme needed to accurately test ketones. This enzyme is 1000 times more expensive than the enzyme that is used for glucose strips.
  3.  Due to sensitivity required for ketones, the circuits in the Keto-Mojo ketone strips are made from gold, rather than a coated carbon, which increases the cost.

We are working on a next generation solution to lower costs even further but making our way through FDA clearance and clinical trials take quite some time.

We offer an additional discount if you buy glucose strips in conjunction with the ketone strips, and we encourage you to test both so you can calculate your  Glucose Ketone Index (GKI). an important marker of metabolic health and level of ketosis.

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