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Steven Tucker, MD

Dr. Tucker is a medical oncologist and internist obsessed with both cancer prevention and treatment. A medical innovator and early adopter, he has been offering nutritional and metabolic support for cancer patients and their families for more than 25 years. At Tucker Medical, his team utilizes practical, culturally-appropriate, and individualized low-carb and ketogenic interventions as well as novel intermittent fasting protocols during chemotherapy that reduce medication toxicity and enhance therapeutic benefit.

A self-proclaimed “data-geek,” Dr. Tucker also encourages the use of self-tracking, wearable tech, and especially continuous glucose monitors for his patients. Tucker Medical is a leader in personalized medicine offering genomic tools to patients at every touchpoint across the cancer care continuum; from personal genetic susceptibility testing in patients and families to pharmacogenomics to identify gene-drug interactions through advanced tumor DNA/RNA sequencing for immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

Dr. Tucker is also Chief Medical Officer at CXA Group, a health-tech start-up, where he advises on strategies and tools for the prevention of chronic disease. His prior experience includes roles in population health such as Strategic Advisor for Oncology & Genomics at MetLife Asia, and he was the founding Global Health Advisor at Singapore
Telecommunications (Singtel). Dr. Tucker also founded Flip Health, a population health management service applying data science and design thinking to reduce the risk of breast cancer relapse.

Unlike most physicians, Dr. Tucker incorporated education in nutrition and metabolism during medical school. As the recipient of Pew Foundation Fellowship, he was a Guest Investigator at Rockefeller University and studied gut-brain interactions in hunger and satiety along with clinical nutrition. Dr. Tucker went on to train in Internal Medicine, Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation at the UCLA Center for Health Sciences. While at UCLA he studied molecular biology in the laboratory of Dr. Charles
Sawyers and joined the UCLA faculty as Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine in 1999. In 2006 he moved to Singapore to develop a global oncology clinical trials program and has made Singapore his permanent home.

Dr. Tucker is a Fellow of both the Singapore Academy of Medicine and the American College of Physicians and an Officer of the Chapter of Medical Oncologists, Academy of Medicine Singapore. He is the recipient of an ASCO Merit Award, an NIH Commendation, and the UCLA ‘STAR’ Program Award.

Dr. Tucker currently teaches Healthcare Innovation at the Singapore – MIT Alliance for Research & Technology (SMART). As a health futurist, he frequently speaks about the need for more empathetic and creative health providers who can work effortlessly with advancing technology. Outside of his clinical practice, he is a professional speaker, strategist, and consultant advising start-ups, multinational corporations, and governments on the integration of new technologies in health and medicine.

To find Dr. Tucker online, go to: Stronie internetowej, Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube

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