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Ketone monitor

Ketone monitors recommended for dieters and diabetes patients

The human body usually uses carbohydrates for producing energy for daily activities, however due to diabetic complications or starvation, the body may use the stored fat for generating energy and ketones are produced in the process. For a person who is not exercising or trying to lose weight, high levels of ketone in the blood and urine indicate that there is not enough insulin in the body, and he or she should immediately take corrective action to restore the insulin levels in the body to prevent further health problems. One of the most effective way to monitor the ketone levels accurately, is to use a ketone monitor like the keto mojo meter available online.

The ketone monitor should ideally be approved by FDA, and should have a provision for monitoring both glucose and ketone levels in the body. Additionally the device will often have a provision for measuring hemaglobin and hematocrit. Dieting is one of the most effective way of losing weight, and many people are going on a ketogenic diet trying to lose weight. However while dieting, the body is likely to use the fat stored in the body for the energy requirement, resulting in an increase in the ketone levels in the blood and urine. The ketone monitor will accurately measure the increase in the ketone levels, so the dieter can ensure that his or her health is not adversely affected.

Diabetes patients having type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes also have to accurately measure the ketone levels in their blood so that they can take suitable action immediately when the ketone and blood glucose levels exceed the prescribed safety levels as this will prevent further health problems. Using a ketone monitor periodically ensures that the diabetes patient can accurately track the variations in the ketone level throughout the day. The ketone levels are likely to fluctuate depending on the diet, medication, activity levels. The ketone monitor has a provision for four alarms, alerting the patient that it is time to monitor the ketone levels .

As the ketone levels vary depending on the food consumed, there is provision for setting the permissible ketone and glucose levels before and after meals . To check the variations in ketone levels due to medication, diet and exercise, there is a provision for checking the average ketone levels for a week, fortnight, three weeks, four weeks, two months and three months in the ketone monitor. The optimal ketone level is 0.5-1.5 millimolar per liter, and usually after exercising the ketone levels may increase up to 3.5 millimolar per liter. However if the ketone levels are exceeding 3.5 millimolar, the person should immediately get medical help to reduce the ketone levels.

It is important to use a highly accurate ketone monitor as inaccurate readings could result in incorrect diagnosis and medications, causing further health problems. So calibration of the device for beta ketone is done using a special calibration code strip and there is a hygienic strip ejector to reduce contamination of the test strip. For ease of reading the ketone levels measured, the ketone monitor has a large LCD with backlight. All these features make the ketone monitor a recommended device for those dieting, exercising or suffering from diabetes.



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