KETO-MOJO Meter Giveaway Promotion

We here at keto-mojo are excited to offer a number of key partners a unique opportunity that will help you build your social media follower base and create engaging participation.

Our Partners and Brand Ambassadors are an integral part of our ongoing success and we strive to provide you with tools and ideas that build a mutually beneficial relationship—one that you’ll want to share with your followers. You are among a select group being offered this opportunity and we hope you’ll find it rewarding.

A giveaway that engages both your active followers AND builds new followers.  Using a simple proven platform, you provide them with the opportunity to win a keto-mojo test kit at no cost to you.

Using Gleamour favorite and most effective competition platform— we will put together a giveaway just for you. The giveaway runs for 1 week / 7 days and encourages engagement where you want it most via a points system. 

We use the Gleam Competition Platform to run all of our contests in order to comply with the various Terms of Service of multiple Social Media platforms.

Basically, we do almost everything for you.

  • Provide the prizes – 3 keto-mojo Ketonian Special blood ketone and glucose kits (Value $59.99 each) - we will provide you with 3 digital gift certificates for the meters that can be redeemed at

  • Provide you with a Google Form  (see below) –  for you to fill in so that we can send participants to your Social Media outlets, website content, YouTube videos etc.

  • Set up and run the giveaway for you using our Gleam platform

  • Provide you with images to use across all of your Social Media outlets – Landscape, Portrait, and Square – to help promote the giveaway

  • Send you the winners details once the giveaway is over, so you can give them a big shout-out on your Social Media outlets

  • Send you any email addresses that we collect as part of the giveaway entries so you can use these for future marketing

  • Send the winners their prizes via gift certificates


  • Promote the competition through your various Social Media outlets, email list, website etc.

  • Announce the winners


  • We provide you with all the results and the information gathered 

  • You gain a deeper understanding of your follower’s interests and an opportunity to engage them in new ways

  • You’ll recruit and engage new followers


  • Contest Promotional Images: below, you have 4 campaigns to choose from: Athletic Man, Athletic Woman, Food, and Weight Loss. Each campaign has a landscape, protrait, and square image.
  • Contest Entry Page: When your followers click on a contest image or link, they'll arrive at the contest landing page where they can choose from multiple ways to enter the contest - Example Giveaway Click Here to See - feel free to click on the links in the Example Giveaway and "enter" the contest. We will not do anything with your information as this is only an example for demonstration purposes.
  • In this giveaway, you’ll notice that the ways to enter include both a Partner(keto4karbaholics) – and keto-mojo, Social Media outlets. When we run a giveaway with you, the Social Media outlets that you give us in the Google Form will be substituted for of ones you see for keto4karbaholics.
  • You’ll get your own Gleam link that you can use as is, or shorten using a link-shortener tool, like Bitly.

BEST PRACTICES – from our experience!

  • Facebook: We always post our giveaways on our Facebook Page. We boost them for the duration of the giveaway so that the post reaches more people and we pin them to the top of our page.
  • Twitter: Using the Landscape image, we tweet about the giveaway, every other day, while the contest is running. Check that out here.
  • Instagram: We post about the contest when it starts and at various countdown time-points during the contest. Our meter giveaways generally last for 2 months and we use the Square image for these posts.
  • Instagram Stories: We’re lucky to have 10,000+ followers so as a result, we take advantage of the “swipe up” functionality in Instagram Stories to send folks to our giveaways. We use the Portrait image for this. Check them out here.  
  • Linktree: We installed Linktree into the profile of our Instagram account a while back to allow us more places to send our followers when they “click on the link in our bio.” We’re noticing more and more people are using it and we’d suggest you install it if you’re an affiliate of ours and if you have other relevant links that you’d like folks to click on. It’s also a great tool to get your followers to the Giveaway page as you can drop in the native link, or a Bitly link, into Linktree. 
  • Pinterest: Pin the image from the giveaway page to one of your existing Pinterest Boards, or create a new Board just for it!



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