Keto Kaasachtige Daikon "Aardappelgratin"

Op zoek naar een versie van het goedkope, rijke comfortvoedsel dat alle goede gevoelens van dit klassieke bijgerecht oproept, maar zonder het hoge aantal koolhydraten? Zoek niet verder. Een snelle kook van daikon-radijsplakken verzacht de "bite" van de radijs en maakt ze zacht genoeg om ervoor te zorgen dat elke hap van deze keto-aardappelgratin heerlijk mals is. Als je daikon-radijs niet kunt vinden in je plaatselijke supermarkt, ga dan naar de dichtstbijzijnde Aziatische supermarkt.
Serves 10 One Serving: 1/10 of a 10 serving recipe


  • 1 (2 lb) daikon-radijs, geschild
  • theelepel zeezout, plus meer
  • 3 Eetlepel boter, verdeeld, plus meer voor het invetten van de aluminiumfolie
  • cups zware room
  • 3/4 theelepel peper, plus meer indien nodig
  • 1 theelepel gedroogde tijm
  • 1 theelepel uien poeder
  • 1/2 theelepel knoflook poeder
  • 1 kop (3 oz) geraspte scherpe cheddarkaas
  • 1 kop (3 oz) geraspte Gruyère-kaas
  • 1/4 kop Parmezaanse kaas
+ Recept toevoegen aan boodschappenlijst


  • Vul een grote pan voor driekwart met water en breng deze op hoog vuur aan de kook.
  • Snijd de daikon-radijs overdwars in 2 of 3 stukken. Snijd de daikon met een mandoline of een zeer scherp mes in dunne plakjes van inch.
  • Voeg 1 eetlepel zout toe aan het kokende water. Voeg de gesneden daikon toe en kook tot ze zacht zijn maar nog steeds hun vorm behouden, ongeveer 10 minuten. Giet de daikon af in een groot vergiet in de gootsteen en spoel ze vervolgens voorzichtig af met koud water. Eenmaal uitgelekt, dep de plakjes droog met schone keuken- of keukenpapier.
  • Verwarm de oven voor op 350 ° F (175 ° C). Plaats een rooster op het bovenste derde deel van de oven. Gebruik een derde van de boter om een ovenschaal van 8 x 10 inch in te vetten. Smeer een kant van de folie in die groot genoeg is om de ovenschaal te bedekken met een beetje boter.
  • Verhit in een kleine steelpan op middelhoog vuur de room, zout, peper, tijm, uienpoeder en knoflookpoeder tot ze aan de randen pruttelen. Zet het vuur laag en laat sudderen tot de vloeistof met ongeveer een derde is afgenomen, 6 tot 8 minuten. Zet het vuur uit, roer de resterende boter erdoor en zet apart.
  • Meng in een kleine kom de geraspte kazen. Leg in de voorbereide braadpan een derde van de daikon-plakjes, enigszins overlappend. Strooi een derde van de kaas erover. Herhaal dit totdat je drie lagen daikon-plakjes hebt. Strooi de resterende kaas erover. Giet het gereduceerde roommengsel over de lagen. Bedek de gratin met voorbereide aluminiumfolie en bak tot de kaas licht goudbruin is en de vloeistof langs de randen borrelt, ongeveer 45 minuten. Verwijder, bewaar de folie, bestrooi de gratin met Parmezaanse kaas en bak, onafgedekt, nog 15 minuten. Zet de ovenstand op braden en rooster dan kort tot de gegratineerde korst diep goudbruin en bubbelend is, 1 tot 2 minuten.
  • Haal de gratin uit de oven en dek af met de achtergehouden folie. Laten staan en 10 minuten laten intrekken. Dienen.


ReceptEric Lundy

fotografieErin Ng

20 reviews

  1. 5 sterren
    Wow, this tastes as good as it looks! The texture and neutral flavor of the cooked daikon mimics potato perfectly. So satisfying!

  2. 5 sterren
    Had a little trouble finding Daikon Radishes but it was worth the effort. Delicious! I’ll definitely make it again.

  3. 5 sterren
    This might be favorite new side dish. I think I could make this for potluck and get folx to eat daikon too – you’d never know!!

  4. 5 sterren
    Most definitely one of my new “go to’s,” delicious! So much like scallop potatoes that you’d barely tel the difference.

    Loved it so much that it also makes my “Would serve to guests” top 10 list!!!


  5. 3 sterren
    The daikon preparation is genius. That alone is worth 5 stars. From there, anyone should be able to find their own way as if using a normal recipe.

    But then, a few things go terribly wrong: (1) Too much butter is called for… there’s just no purpose to so much in the pan … or the foil. The butter added to the cream, similarly, doesn’t really seem to add much dimensionality and it easily pools up. (2) Way, way, way too much salt is called for… too much in the boiling water, too much in the gratin cream mixture. I used only 1 tsp instead of the 1.5 directed and I couldn’t stand how salty the resulting preparation was. Next time, I’m following a traditional recipe or just using my own cooking skills to make a determination on salt. For that matter, salt would be best added in pinches, sprinkled at each layer step, along with pepper, with far less salt in the actual cream sauce. (3) Thyme powder is nice, fresh thyme is better. (4) One 2 lb daikon is a little light when laid into a traditional 8 x 12 pan. I’d have opted for a smaller pan or more daikon and gratin. (5) Similarly, the amounts of cheese used are slightly light, at least an extra half ounce each (cheddar and gruyere) would be better… and… back to the issue with the salt: adding the salty parmesan on top only increases the overall saltiness of this. I’d skip parmesan and consider buttered keto bread crumbs or use less parmesan and, again, reduce the overall salt in the actual dish.

    Those are large and significant quibbles, but I can’t deny the overall intent and manner of execution are exceptional. So, I’m compromising and giving it 3 stars. Would not be hard for it to score 5+ though.

    • Appreciate all the feedback, Chris. Salt is such a personal thing and we agree that it’s better to start out lighter and add more as you go.

  6. 5 sterren
    This is an amazing recipe. The only change that I did was to add a smidgen of freshly grated nutmeg to the sauce. Also this is a great make-ahead dish I prepared it and assembled it ahead of time with the exception of the two cheese toppings. The next day I took it out of the fridge 2 hours before I was going to bake it off and just before baking I added the cheese and then the last 10 minutes I sprinkled on the parmesan. At that point I put my oven up to 500° and put it in the rack and it Browns perfectly without having to put it under the broiler I didn’t want to risk cracking my beautiful French stoneware casserole dish.

  7. 5 sterren
    I made these last night … they are EXCELLENT! A great substitute for potatoes and quells my potato withdrawal.

  8. 4 sterren
    Can one replace the Daikon radish with the China Rose radish (Raphanus Sativus)? I cannot seem to find Daikon radishes or the seeds to grow them here in South Africa. Thank you.

    • Hi Sally – we are not as familiar with China Rose radish here in the U.S. but it looks like the kind of radish that could work. Give it try!

  9. 3 sterren
    This is amazing comfort food that I am surely going to use this holiday season. I gave it four stars because I had to leave one star off even though the dish itself is perfect. The use of aluminum foil in direct contact with food is toxic and create several health issues. It’s bad enough that the WHO puts out advisories against using aluminum foil in contact with food. Chefs and food industry professionals tend not to understand the difference between restaurant quality products like the aluminum foil or cling wrap that they use are different quality from what is available to the average home cook on their grocery store shelves. If you’re home cooking buying your aluminum foil and plastic wrap from the grocery store then don’t cook with either product. The aluminum foil in grocery store foil is full of heavy metals that Leach into your food and the plastic wrap that you get at the grocery store is not safe for using in water bath cooking, etc.

  10. 5 sterren
    Well worth the effort. Didn’t taste the radish flavor at all. I soaked them and dried them as suggested. I subbed Swiss for gruyere. A definite winner!!

  11. 5 sterren
    This dish was amazing! Yes I froze some as I live alone. I’m used to freezing scalloped potatoes and these are sturdier. I really missed scalloped potatoes so my thanks for posting.

  12. 5 sterren
    I NEVER write reviews, but I have to because this recipe is OUTSTANDING. My husband has not appreciated any of my keto-version recipes up until now, but after he tasted this au gratin he wanted only that for dinner, lol.

    BRILLIANT, and worth the labor it took to make! Thank you, and I’ll be trying more of your recipes. Thanks to the Keto Twins for sharing this recipe on their channel, otherwise I may have never found it!

  13. 5 sterren
    SPECTACULAR!. Absolutely delicious, used sour cream, single cream, andcheddar cheese. Next time, I need to remember to remove as much water as possible from the daikon before putting it in the oven. pArt from that AMAZING!

    • You would never know it’s not real potatoes, right?! Did you replace some of the heavy cream with sour cream? Not a bad idea.

  14. 5 sterren
    DROP THE FREAKEN MIC!!! These are AMAZING!!! I really could not tell these were not potatos. Keto comfort food at its best. I used layers of thinly sliced onion instead of onion powder.

  15. 5 sterren
    I made this for my whole family and it was a hit! Everyone said they couldn’t tell it wasn’t potatoes. Thank you. 🙂

  16. 5 sterren
    Both my wife and I loved it! Tasted as good as any potato au gratin or scalloped potato recipe that we’ve had. We will make it again.


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