EF feilkode

publisert: desember 21, 2018

EF feilkode

Mister Mojo here and we’re going to talk about the E-F Error. F means fill, meaning you’re not filling the tube with enough blood. We’re going to see if we can try and recreate that right now. So, we’re going to wait, CH for checking, the blood icon will flash, and they just go on like this. If I don’t get enough on, you see I didn’t quite get enough blood there. It’ll give me an E-F. So methods to correct that is always make sure that you have a good blood sample size, about half the size of a matchstick head just like I have just got right here. Make sure that you’ve got warm hands beforehand. That really helps. And then quite simply, let’s do this again. And you will see what we need to do. We’re going to place that on the top having a nice dome rounded blood sample really helps there. And then we just have to place the tip to it like that. Come on in and within 10 seconds we will have ourselves a ketone reading. 1.4, right in the zone.


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