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Thank you for applying to be a Keto-Mojo Affiliate via MTIH. Once approved, you will earn the normal commission (5-10% sliding scale) as outlined in the commission details. To support the incredible work MTIH is doing, Keto-Mojo will additionally donate 3% of your net sales back to MTIH. This will not affect your base commission. We look at it as a win-win-win – your patients receive a 15% discount on meter kits, you collect commission and support MTIH at the same time!

Note: Keto-Mojo is unable to ship products to Canada.  Therefore, Canadian-based affiliates can only promote their affiliate link to patients/clients residing in the US, not Canada.

Keto-Mojo shares the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health’s vision for healthcare


• Provide your Keto-Mojo Affiliate unique link to your patients to receive a 15% discount on the Keto-Mojo GK+ meter kits.

• Instruct patients to test their glucose and ketones according to your specific protocol.

• Create a MyMojoHealth Practitioner Account to invite patients to share their readings .


• Remotely monitor patient glucose and ketone readings in real time via your MyMojoHealth Practitioner Account.

• Analyze the data to confirm adherence, ensuring safety and compliance.


• Send messages directly from MyMojoHealth to those in need of attention, laying out an appropriate course of action – You draw the map, and Keto-Mojo is the compass to keep them on track!

Learn More About Keto & Cancer – Articles, Videos & Resources

We are working with MTIH to provide you with the tools to help patients discover how their lifestyle choices are affecting their health, thereby giving them a greater chance to succeed!


Find Below A Quick Guide to Keto-Mojo Assets and Resources

For Practitioners

  • Practitioners Site – An introduction to the benefits of glucose and ketone testing in your practice.
  • Plattformløsninger – MyMojoHealth explained and how to integrate/access patient readings.
  • Platform Tools – How to work with Keto-Mojo. Access to resources, CPT Codes and support.
  • Pasientressurser – Essential resources for getting started on a ketogenic diet.


Key Articles for Practitioners


Other Assets and Resources


Meals and Recipes

  • Måltid planer – Create your own weekly meal plan or choose one of our curated plans.
  • oppskrifter – Enjoy 100’s of keto and low-carb recipes.

Articles Reviewed by Dr. Nasha Winters

Health Conditions


Grunnleggende om Keto




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