My Bluetooth Meter is not Syncing, Help

  • Last updated March 16, 2020

Here are some quick checks:

  • Is the Bluetooth set up in your settings? Here are instructions for setting up your meter.
  • Do you have readings in your meter? You need valid readings to sync.-
  • For Android users, is the location on your Smart phone turned ON? Location must be ON for the meter to sync. This is an Android criteria, not an app option.
  • Is your Bluetooth turned on (slide Bluetooth button up on lower right side of your meter until the blue light up top starts flashing

When you are ready to sync:

  • Please start with the meter turned off (do not push the gray button).
  • Slide the Bluetooth button up on the side of the meter until blue light starts flashing ( 3 seconds)
  • Then, open up the app and hit the sync button, your readings will upload.

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89 responses to “My Bluetooth Meter is not Syncing, Help”

  1. The Bluetooth syncing worked for two days and stopped working. Made multiple attempts to re-connect/sync and the app just searches and searches. Uninstalled app, reinstalled, stopped working. Restarted my phone multiple times(Samsung S10), checked permissions. Nothing works. Uninstalling app and just using the meter and writing down measurements… Meter works great aside from the bluetooth/app issues. Probably better not to keep my information in your app or cloud anyways…

  2. The blue light on my meter just stopped working even with fresh batteries and holding for 3 seconds. It had been working fine until this morning my app said FULL INTEGRATION….and after that i can no longer get the meter to talk to the app.

  3. It’s not working. It syncs readings from yesterday but none of todays. Don’t know what to do! Too many issues with this product. After day two and I’m out of strips because of how finicky this whole system is. I am so frustrated!!

  4. You are Describing a model that i dont have(mine is europe) . My app crashes each time i try to transfer data. I have an iPhone 8. iOS 13.7.
    I reinstalled thé application, switch off my phone, no improvement. My husband tried it on vis Androïd… same result: NOT WORKING.
    Thanks for your Help. I count on that app. I m disappointed

  5. You are Describing a model that i dont have(mine is europe) . My app crashes each time i try to transfer data. I have an iPhone 8. iOS 13.7.
    I reinstalled thé application, switch off my phone, no improvement. My husband tried it on vis Androïd… same result: NOT WORKING.
    Thanks for your Help.

  6. You are Describing a model that i dont have(mine is europe) . My app crashes each time i try to transfer data. I have an iPhone 8. iOS 13.7.
    I reinstalled thé application, switch off my phone, no improvement. My husband tried it on vis Androïd… same result: NOT WORKING.
    Thanks for your Help.

  7. i have not been able to sync my readings. i used to. the blue light flashes on the meter. the phone syncs with other devices but no readings sync. I have readings in the memory. I have only had the meter for 8 months.

  8. I haven’t used my meter in a couple of months and after using it for the first time today…I can’t get it to sync. I have readings to be synced and my bluetooth is on. I followed the directions above but it’s still not working. Help!! 🙂 Thanks

  9. The last app update broke sync and now I can’t sync. I also can’t enter the readings manually – I enter them but then they don’t show up anyway.

  10. Then when I slide up the button on the left-hand side the Bluetooth doesn’t come on so I am unable to sync

  11. It cannot find my device. It had worked in the past. Soooooo frustrated right now.

  12. The meter light does not flash, and Bluetooth apparently will not initiate on the meter. The app and phone eventually stop looking for the Bluetooth signal from the meter provide an error message of some sort. This meter is the previous model with Bluetooth built-in, not the new GKI+.

  13. Worked fine till last week..now can’t find device. :(((

  14. Even when I get the Bluetooth blue light to flash my phone just keeps searching. I’m on the latest iPhone update 14.1. Bluetooth is set to on. And there are new readings on the device I did today to sync.

  15. Recd an update to my iphone app yesterday. The meter no longer syncs with the iphone. Is this a big issue? Always
    sync’d before.

  16. Starting yesterday 10/28/2020, after pressing sync on the app, (meter light is flashing blue), device animation in app briefly switches to image of actual device, progress indicator starts turning, then device animation reverts to generic meter image. Data is never actually sent to app. This continues until the device or the phone times out.

    This morning, attempted to manually enter readings into app, chose to Save the entry, but the manual entry does not display. Did this several times with no success.

    Still experiencing both issues today.

  17. My meter stopped synching! It was working before but haven’t used it in a while and when I started again it’s not working!

  18. Neither of our meters will sync, this has been going on for over a week.

  19. I upgraded to new device. However I’m trying to sync my old data, however I dont have bluetooth connector. Without this tool, is there a way to sync the data.

  20. When I slide the blue tooth tab on the left hand side, no blue light comes on to sync with

  21. It’s still not syncing. Everything works fine for a few days, and then suddenly the device will no longer sync with the app. So far the only way to get it to work again has been to uninstall and reinstall, so I’m having to do that every couple of days. Combine this issue with the recent problems I had with the new kit, and I’m ready to move on. Keto-Mojo used to be a great company. What happened??

  22. Disappointing, I’m trying to sync with phone but no instructions in manual. There is a qr code that links to a site with insufficient info and no troubleshooting tips

  23. I have the GKI monitor. These instructions don’t help for troubleshooting

  24. My Bluetooth meter shows it’s working. My app shows the meter was synced. But it will not read/sync my test results

  25. After changing the batteries I am unable to sync with my old meter. OLD METER. There are no instructions for this anywhere. You people have just left us original customers in the dark.

  26. I have the new GK+ meter and it doesn’t always synch. Help 😉

  27. This answer would only apply to the old meter. The new one does not have the button on the side.

  28. My meter has always synced the readings, today, my GK+ meter syncs but says there are no readings to sync. However there are 2 readings i did today and are also in the meter’s memory.

  29. These videos are not for the new meter. There’s no button to slide on the right side nor one inside the battery area. These instructions were useless and did not troubleshoot the inability to sync my device with the app.

  30. I have received the updated meter and I can’t get it to sync with my app. I am using iPhone and the same app that I was using with my old meter.

  31. My device will not pair with my apple phone. It paired one time last week. But I try often and it will not pair again.

  32. I need instructions on what to do if readings do not upload.

  33. What bluetooth button? The only buttons on the side of the meter have an up and down arrow. No bluetooth symbol.
    Also, the app says it’s searching but when I click the “x” to get out of that screen it doesn’t respond.

    My device has synced in the past.

  34. I have a new phone and would like to transfer the readings from the app on the older phone to the app on the newer phone in order to keep continuity.
    Please suggest how I should do this.
    Thank you

  35. Blue light doesn’t flash – can’t connect to blue tooth to synch. Works sometimes, but doesn’t other times.

  36. My meter (I have the newest one, recently traded up) has ceased to sync with my phone and the bluetooth symbol is flashing which I don’t believe it did in the past. It was left on when I put it back in the case (it usually shuts itself off) and I think some of the buttons were depressed while it was there. When I went to use it next it was still on and now will no longer send readings to my phone. Please Help!

  37. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to let me change the date. While setting it up, I accidentally set it to 2022. I’ve watched every video and read every Q&A and can’t find the answer. I wished you all made videos responding to our questions. I cant even get mine in synch with the app.
    Some very clear descriptions as to how to change (-not SET) the settings are crucial to to its effectiveness. I sometimes can’t tell which buttons they are pressing in the videos. Do you guys have a help line I could call? I’m so frustrated, I’m beging to think I won’t be able to figure out how to even use it.

  38. Bluetooth on. Both in iPhone and app.
    Will. Not. Sync.
    Completely frustrating especially when you need information for HEALTH REASONS!!

    Please help.

  39. Holding the button up on the side is not working … no flashing blue light … no Bluetooth

  40. Meter stopped syncing after battery change. It starts the sync recognized 2 readings but stops and says 0 sync. Read all the links sent and followed trouble shoot instruction but not resolved

  41. I keep getting an e2 on the screen and it is showing today’s date. I have tried more than once and now I am angry 🤨

  42. My glucose meter keto mojo ordered two weeks ago already will not sync. Bluetooth enabled on both devices. Your instructions indicate a slide button to turn Bluetooth on on the unit. Clearly these are old instructions and not for the current model. This Health center has been no help at all. Why will it not sync via Bluetooth? It gets 1/4 of the way synced and then closes out with zero reading saved. Very frustrating!

  43. My Bluetooth keeps blinking and won’t sync. I don’t have a button on my model to turn Bluetooth on.

  44. bluetooth is not working.
    app permission is set .
    bluetooth symbol on the meter keeps flashing when pressing sync in the app it does not find my device
    one time my mobile phone an LG Qstylus android version 8.1.0 showed it found the keto-mojo but not anymore.

  45. This is the most unfriendly product I have bought . The instructions for syncing the device don’t even apply to the meter I have!
    I would like to return the product!

  46. My meter stopped syncing suddenly. You have no help for when your machine stops working…this page is ZERO help.

  47. Keto Mojo requires a full sync EVERY TIME or it does not find the latest measurements.

  48. I don’t have a Bluetooth button on the meter, Bluetooth is flashing. Phone cannot find meter, app is showing no readings, but I have done one keystone test. Meter and phone are not syncing. I turned Bluetooth off and back in and turned meter off and back in

  49. My app says 2 reading are syncing and then the monitor shuts off and it says 0 readings imported. I changed the batteries in the Mojo to make sure that wasn’t the problem. Nothing has changed. Same thing happens. My keto mojo is fairly new.

  50. App opened too large for screen. Could not find help for it. Checked all settings on iPad, zoom is not set on.
    Uninstalled app, reinstalled and reloaded readings from cloud
    Now the screen is stuck on number of readings, also oversized.
    Don’t see option to include screenshot here
    How do I fix this?

  51. Meter is connecting to phone and app shows updating, but then shows 0 readings imported even though there is a new reading in the meter that is not yet showing in the app.

  52. My meter (GK+) synced for my first reading but will not sync and upload my second current reading. It did upload to the My Mojo Health account though.

  53. I haven’t used my meter in a long time. I guess it is now a “classic”. And it won’t sync to my iPhone.
    The meter shows the correct time and 8-23 which is correct date here in US.
    I didn’t remember which button turned on the meter’s bluetooth and the app couldn’t sync. Obviously.
    Now I do get the meter to flash the blue light, and when I try to sync the app seems to find it because the sync screen goes away quickly instead of showing the error. But no data. The default filter is the last 7 days. I also tried it with just today (August 23 is showing, and is correct). And I tried last 12 months. It showed my old data from last September, but not the current readings.
    I’ve run out of things to try.

  54. None of these solutions worked. There were four readings in my meter, but only two of them synced

  55. This newer model Keto Mojo does NOT sync with the app!!!!!!

  56. I’m trying to download readings from the meter to the app. With the meter turned off I held the right switch up until the blue light flashes. It syncs but fails to download readings. This is a new meter replacing a previous one. I retook the glucose reading and it still failed to sync. I turned the meter off and retried the blue tooth sync, it synced but still no readings. Help!

  57. This just started 9/1. I now gets a popup says Link with Keto-Mojo. It gets to the end of a progress line then stops.

  58. On my gk+ meter, when I push the up butyon on the side the bluetooth does not flash, and I cannot dync my results.
    I tried resetting all settings on meter, I tried changing batteries, I tried shutting both app and meyer down. And still cannot get the meter to sync with app on my androud (gLaxy 10) phone. Help

  59. Didn’t work. I’ve tried many ways to get this to sync with 0hone app. and just not working. It was very difficult on my other phone too. Had a Samsung not have a Motorola.

  60. I have been using my keto mojo a long time with no problems. I recently hit 1000 measures in the tester and now it will not do a QUICK SYNC. I have to do a FULL SYNC everytime which takes several minutes…. 🙁

    Please advise,

  61. the GK+ meter quit syncing with my android phone. I have deleted and reloaded the app 3x making sure that all permissions are on. The app has also lost all my data

  62. Hello! I have used keto mojo and syned with my phone several time without a problem. Now it won’t sync. My phone is new and has a more than adequate operating system. The location permission is turned on in app settings.. I have readings on the meter to upload. I also uninstalled the app a couple times on my phone. What could it be?

    Thanks for your help.

  63. My GK+ meter will not syc with my -phone anymore. I has worked for the past 4 months fine. I tried deleting and re-installing the app but the blue tooth is on but it won’t import the last 2 values recorded on the meter. Are there limits to the number of values I can import?

  64. My meter was working normal yesterday. Today it will not sync. The permissions are enabled. The location is enabled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app – twice! I have and Android phone that I rebooted 3 times and I even replaced the batteries in the meter. I am at a loss.

  65. My app says 2 reading are syncing and then the monitor shuts off and it says 0 readings imported.

  66. I have a new GK+. It won’t sync. You instructions are not for this device. Seriously?

  67. Slide the Bluetooth button up on the side of the meter until blue light starts flashing ( 3 seconds)

    There is not button on the right side of the meter anywhere.

  68. cannot login or create an account. Went through all reset procedure.

  69. I have a Keto-Mojo GK+ that is less than 1 year old. When I sync the app it finds the device as normal but reports zero readings. I then go to the Keto-Mojo device and attempt to scroll through the readings using the up/down arrows on the left side. No readings appear despite the fact that I just successfully conducted a reading. My device appears to be failing. Is there a way to fix this? If these are only good for less than one year I will have to find an alternate brand.

  70. I need more specific feedback on the meter I actually own. I have the Keto Mojo GK+ meter and it is not synchronizing.

  71. I’ve been trying to sync my GK+ to the app on in iOS, it says it syncs but then it doesn’t import the metrics. It will some times do is after several days. But recently it is not importing anything.

  72. the blue light is not coming on my monitor in order to start syncing.

  73. My meter has stop syncing to phone. Any updates coming to fix. Phone connects to meters then hang after as few minutes. I have a screen I can share. It looks like it hanging in the internet connect point.

  74. For several days I am unable to synch my meter. I receive this message daily:
    “Synchronization Problem
    Unexpected MyMojoHealth Cloud Connect synchronization error occurred. Please try again later”

  75. Getting an error trying to connect via bluetooth says it can’t connect because it needs a pincode or password. Also your instruction say use the S and M buttons in the battery cavity , there are buttons in the cavity. I’m using an android to set this up with. What’s the problem?

  76. I cannot get my ketomojo to sync any longer, the Bluetooth doesn’t even turn on. I’m wondering since it’s an older model if it’s been shut down.

  77. My meter won’t sync. It keeps giving me a syncronization issue error message.


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