Android: Troubleshooting Sync Issues

  • Last updated March 15, 2019

We have removed the requirement for location permissions, and we are now using Android’s Companion Device to sync the meters.

This has changed a few things:

  1. When you get the screen “Link with Keto-Mojo,” based on your description, you will need to tap the name of your meter with the Bluetooth icon on it. It won’t progress to syncing until you do. This will link the meter with your phone and start the synchronization.
  2. The next time you sync with the same meter, it won’t ask you to link again and will just start syncing like before. If you want to sync with a different meter, the app will find it and you can link that meter too, but you can only be linked with one meter at a time.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the way this link screen works, and we realize it is not clear that you have to click/select device.

Shows how to select device

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