Android: Troubleshooting Sync Issues

  • Last updated March 15, 2019

We have removed the requirement for location permissions, and we are now using Android’s Companion Device to sync the meters.

This has changed a few things:

  1. When you get the screen “Link with Keto-Mojo,” based on your description, you will need to tap the name of your meter with the Bluetooth icon on it. It won’t progress to syncing until you do. This will link the meter with your phone and start the synchronization.
  2. The next time you sync with the same meter, it won’t ask you to link again and will just start syncing like before. If you want to sync with a different meter, the app will find it and you can link that meter too, but you can only be linked with one meter at a time.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the way this link screen works, and we realize it is not clear that you have to click/select device.

Shows how to select device

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9 responses to “Android: Troubleshooting Sync Issues”

  1. I just got a new Android phone, and the KetoMojo GK+ device won’t pair with it. I have replaced the batteries and deleted the app off of my old phone, and the old phone has been factory reset, but it won’t pair with the new phone.

  2. Provide instructions on what to do if the phone and device are not syncing.

  3. My machine and app are not speaking to each other again. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  4. Sync screen freezes. I Uninstalled and reinstalled the app thinking I had turned something off I shouldn’t have, the sync worked on first try and 63 items were synced but they don’t show up on my history..

  5. Are all devices capable of syncing? Or do I need a new meter to use bluetooth?

  6. I’m not getting the screen in question. Mine is refusing to pair. The phone sees the meter as “available to pair”, but flashes up “requires an app to pair” and then fails to pair. I have the app installed and open, so what is the problem?

  7. This article is from 2019… you’ve got to be kidding me. I just bought a GK+ off amazon and it says it downloaded data but nothing showing up in readings. It do not show synced on my android. Can I send log to you for trouble shooting? App of PlayStore says Keto-Mojo “Classic”

  8. I take glucose and ketone readings in the am. I sinc with my android phone, but sometimes only one of the readings “transfers” and the other doesn’t. Since it doesn’t, I can’t get my GKI. What am I doing wrong? I clearly saw each reading on my Keto Mojo.

  9. my android device DOES show the Keto-Mojo device as an available device, it attempts to synch but then I get a message “couldn’t pair. Check settings for this device and try again” Do you have insight how to procede?


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