Nature's Path Organic Ketola Crunch

13 Δεκεμβρίου 2021

We’re loving this granola! It ticks off all the boxes…organic, good ingredients, great flavors, and only 1-3 net carbs per serving.

There are three flavors, and we tried the first two.  We like that it’s not too sweet.

    • Toasted Pumpkin Seed & Vanilla (1g net carbs for a 1/3 cup serving)
    • Dark Chocolate Chip (3g net carbs for a 1/3 cup serving)
    • Blueberry Cinnamon (2g net carbs for a 1/3 cup serving)

If you’ve been craving a good crunch, try this granola.  It also makes a good cereal with almond milk!

You can purchase Ketola Crunch from the Nature’s Path website for $9.95 for an 8oz resealable bag (or $8.45 per bag for 6 bags), or at Αμαζόνα where it’s sometimes on special for just over $5 a bag if you purchase 6 bags.

Ketola Crunch in bowl of yogurt


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