Γιατί ο μετρητής Keto-Mojo εμφανίζει έναν τριψήφιο αριθμό όπως 733 ή 737;

  • Last updated Νοέμβριος 18, 2017

If your meter is showing 733, 737 or any other three-digit number, no need to worry. Your meter is simply showing you that it has been calibrated with your vial of ketone testing strips. This is a good thing because in order for the meter to read your ketone strips properly, it needs to be calibrated with your test strips. You or someone else calibrated your meter with your ketone  strips by inserting the code key that came with your vial of ketone strips into your meter.

FYI, glucose strips do not require calibration or a code key.

Want more info? Check out this quick video:

If you still see the three digit code after testing, please read Πώς να δοκιμάσετε and follow instructions.

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