Τι είναι η προειδοποίηση κετόνης στο μετρητή GK +;

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If the ketone warning is set ON, and your γλυκόζη αίματος reading exceedμικρό 300 mg/dL (16.6 mmol/L), ο meter will display “KETONES” on your screen prompting you to check your κετόνες to check for diabetic κετοξέωση.  Ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when your body produces high levels of ketones σε the presence of high γλυκόζη levels. 

Please consult with a healthcare professional for further evaluation if you receive this warning and your ketones measure >5.0 mmol/L.  If you believe you received this warning in error please retest and contact customer service. 

To turn the ketone warning on, start with your meter off then press and hold the power button for more than two seconds until it beeps. That will put your meter in the set up mode. Then toggle through the setting until you see Ketones?  επί the screen. The default in ON, press the power button to set. To turn ketone warning off, push the side button up or down to get OFF and press power button. 

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