Undersøgelser forbinder Covid-19-infektion med øget risiko for ny diabetesdiagnose

4. april 2022

Covid-19 Article ImageOver a year after recovering from a Covid-19 infection, Jennifer Hobbs is adjusting to her new normal: brain fog, joint pain, elevated liver enzymes and, now, type 2 diabetes. Hobbs had prediabetes before she got Covid-19, but her blood sugar levels were under control, and she didn’t need any treatment. Recently, that changed.

“I take my blood sugar [level] every morning, and even with two different types of medication, it’s all over the place,” said Hobbs, 36. The new diabetes diagnosis has both Hobbs and her primary care provider wondering if the coronavirus has played a role.

Two years into the pandemic, scientists and physicians are shifting their attention to the long-term consequences of a Covid-19 infection, termed “long Covid.” Recent studies add diabetes to the list of possible long Covid outcomes.

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Kilde: cnn.com

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