A Gout Hypothesis and a Plan for Remission


Peter Delannoy, PhD

Dr. Peter Delannoy is a PhD biochemist with 28 years of teaching experience now turned Keto Coach. His journey began when he was diagnosed with prediabetes. He spent several months struggling with the medical establishment all the while watching his testing numbers become worse.

Through research he found his way to low-carb high-fat eating and his numbers changed for the better. His natural teaching abilities and keen scientific interests coalesced into a coaching company that he started with his daughter Tanner to help people reverse diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. With Ketonic Revolution formed he has never looked back. His approach to the reversal of chronic disease is by direct intervention, education and offering meaningful resources to his clients and the worldwide public. Dr. Delannoy is a Nutrition Network Advisor with additional certifications through Nutrition Network. He is also a course designer and author, and a speaker who advocates for the LCHF lifestyle whenever and wherever he has the opportunity.

To find Peter Delannoy online, go to: Internet side, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

Bøger og andet materiale efter denne højttaler

How To Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle The MAKSME Protocol

How To Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle: The MAKSME protocol is a short guide to the keto lifestyle. This guide is meant for the person who already knows the science or has decided to do the lifestyle but needs a road map to get started. The guide includes everything you need to implement and to be successful in the keto lifestyle. Dr. Pete is a Ph.D biochemist, a certified health coach, and holds additional certifications in the clinical application of the ketogenic diet and diabetes reversal

Ketonic Revolution A Pocket Guide To The Keto Diet

A Pocket Guide To Keto is just what you need to start the Keto diet. This guide is not an exhaustive tome on the Keto diet. Instead, this guide offers the reader a step-by-step method to start on the diet and maintain the diet as a lifestyle change. The guide is perfect for those readers that have already done extensive research and just want to know: How do I start the keto diet? The guide offers the basic fundamentals of the lifestyle with absolutely no fluff. The steps outlined in the book are based on peer reviewed science and are easy to follow. This book is perfect for the person who is ready to start the Keto diet but needs straight-to-the-point steps and an easy reference guide.

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