GK + kontrolløsningsområder

  • Sidst opdateret 18. september 2021

Har du fejlagtigt kastet eller mistet din meter kit box eller din strip box?

Intet problem, vi har fået dig dækket!


Hvis du har købt et GK + -sæt, finder du glukose- og ketonstrimler indeni. På bagsiden af stripindpakningen finder du et LOT-nummer. Dette tal svarer til kontrolopløsningsintervaller, der er trykt i bunden af din målesætkasse. Tilsvarende, hvis du har købt en kasse med glukosestrimler, ketonstrimler eller Combo Pack med strimler, er dine kontrolområder udskrevet på den kasse.

Hvis du ikke længere har adgang til din målersætkasse eller stripboks, kan du indtaste MASSE antallet af dine strimler i nedenstående formular, og vi fortæller dig, hvad dine kontrolområder er. Det glukosepartinummer vil afvige fra keton-partinummer, og du får kontrolområdet for begge Niveau 2 og Niveau 3 løsninger (kontrolløsninger blev leveret med dit målersæt eller kan købes separat).

Skriv ned disse intervaller, og opbevar dem i dit tilbehørssæt til målersættet. Husk dog, at hver kontrolområde du kan ændre, hver gang du køber nye strimler. Sørg for at opbevare nye stribekasser til reference.

Hvor finder jeg mit glukosestrimlenummer?

Glucose Strip

Hvor finder jeg mit ketonstrimmelpartinummer?

Ketone Strip

Besvarede vi dit spørgsmål?

180 reviews

  1. Roughly a third of the time I test I get error messages requiring me to use a new test strip. Error e3 or e4. This is an unacceptable frequency of errors since the test strips cost about 50 cents each. Sometimes it takes as many as 3 strips before I get an acceptable reading. What can be done to reduce the errors or reduce the cost of the strips?

  2. I tried to find my solution number but it says invalid. UAN20089 for glucose, UEN20077 for Keto.

  3. I had to order additional KM test strips. My meter appears to be way off. I am trying to use the control solution, yet the Lot number on my test strips is coming up as invalid. This is incredibly frustrating as the device is useless to me as long as the readings are off and I cannot determine by how much. I need to speak with someone about this.

  4. Trying to find range for my level 2 ketone test solution. The ketone lot: U210293 but tool says not valid number.

  5. my blood sugar is high for no apparent reason and i’m concerned that my meter is not reading correctly. i typed in U210277 above and get an ‘Enter a valid Lot Number.’ message and these don’t expire until 9/23. i don’t have my org box or solution. where do i go from here? i didn’t see a video addressing this issue but maybe i missed it. i would appreciate a quick response. thanks.

  6. it says invalid lot number on both u210286 and u210291 exp 2023-09-18 on both

  7. I’m using the strips that came with the Meter Kit and need the test ranges. Blood glucose strip = U210259; Ketone strip = U210260. Error message for each comes up in red as “Enter a valid Lot Number”.

  8. Says my lot numbers are invalid on both strips, but I put in what the package said, 3 times

  9. I am typing in the lot number exactly as it is on the foil pack but it’s coming up invalid. A waste of another strip and frankly, too many are getting wasted due to this things inconsistency. My old keto mojo one was far better to use

  10. Lot number does not work with this tool. there is no letter on the wrapper just a six digit number

  11. I am entering the lot number on the back of my strip U210259. I keep getting an error message saying “enter a valid lot number”. The expiration date on the strips is 08/17/2023 so they should still be valid.

  12. Months later and multiple different packs of test strips, your website still says every single lot nimber doesn’t exist. Please update your website so I can use the damn product. Many of us are having the same issue. Gonna return on amazon shortly.

  13. When trying to look up the test reference range, I enter the lot numbers exactly as they appear on the strip wrapper and get an invalid lot number message. I tried several times.

  14. Entered lot number and it says to enter a valid lot number….well it is the lot number on test strip pkg. A joke !!@ I am trying to use control solution because reading on mojo glucose is 30% different than my other glucose meters

  15. I get “Enter a valid Lot Number” each time and I know I typed it in correctly.

  16. my lot numbers are indicating invalid?

    my lot numbers are: glucose U210086
    ketone U210089
    what’s up!

  17. I put in the lot numbers but was told it was invalid. I’m looking right at the number on the strip package just like the picture shows.

  18. My monitor is testing I correctly. I have used the glucose solution and it came back 109. I have lot #u210205 per the back of the strip. When I input this into the search, it isn’t coming back.

    Please let me know how to accurately test my system and if the testing is currently reading correctly for this lot

  19. I put my Lot #s in and it says not valid. 😑 I double checked that I put in the glucose and ketone correctly in the right boxes

  20. Glucose test strip lot# U210137 and Ketone test strip lot# U210138 entered. Enter a valid Lot Number comes up. Fortunately I found the control solutions ranges on the bottom of the box on a sticker.

    Indtast lotnr. For glukosestrimmel
    Enter a valid Lot Number

    Indtast Ketone Strip-partinummer
    Indtast et gyldigt partinummer.

  21. I entered the lot number correctly U210176 & U210177 and it said that it was an invalid number

  22. Typed the lot numbers U210286 and U210291 and it said “Enter a valid lot number” – I entered what I have. Unless.

  23. Hej
    I entered the LOT number: U210038 and it said it wasn’t a valid LOT number???
    I am having problems with monitor and what I believe inaccuracy and want to test to ensure its working properly! Could someone please get in touch to help me out?

  24. Lot numbers on back of my straps do not come up as valid lots.

    Unable to view control ranges of straps. Control results don’t appear in sync.

  25. My lot number says it’s invalid but I’ve triple checked that the number on the test strip packet is correct.

  26. so i typed in the lot number from the box, and the back of the test strips, and got an “invalid lot number” message


    how can I find the control range ?

  27. i put in the lot numbers and it is coming up invalid

    I tested my keto mojo as when I test myself ketos keep coming up Lo not saying that is wrong
    but when I tested w the solution I was informed my reading may be high

    Please advise as to what I should do next lot # ketone strips U210089
    glucose strips U210086

    I am looking to order more lancets and both strips but very hesitant if I am going to have to get another meter

    God Bless and
    Thank You so Much

    Denise Decker

  28. Received an error that my lot number was invalid, “Enter a valid Lot Number”. Just received my unit and wanted to perform a control test. There is no control ranges on the packets.

  29. I think my machine is off based on the numbers I’ve been receiving. I used brand new testing solution and at level 2 the numbers are 42 points higher than stated in the package insert and with level 3 they are 55 points lower than stated. I’m not sure how to proceed from here. Please let me know if this is fixable

  30. I enter the lot number of my glucose test strips and it says invalid lot number. I did it multiple times and it still does not work. I need to know what the range is for the glucose control solution for level two. The lot number is U210259

  31. My ketone strip lot number is U210293. But your silly website is indicating it is an invalid lot number. I’ve checked it 5 times now. So your website is simply pissing me off.

  32. I keep having a response on this page of “Enter a Valid Lot Number”. Glucose: U210284 Ketone: UEN20059

  33. When I entered my lot number to see what the control numbers are it said it was invalid, Please let me know how to verify if my machine is calibrated. Thank you

  34. The lot number on my test strips came in as a “invalid number” (U210288)
    …not sure what to do from here.

  35. I’m still very confused about how to calibrate my meter using these control solutions. I got some new strips and they seem inaccurate compared to the strips I had before. These regularly show my ketones as too low and my glucose too high, by around 15 points. I thought I remembered that we could calibrate these. I’ll keep looking to see if I can find the original instructions that came with the GK+ meter.

  36. I bought the kit with solutions and both strips in the kits there Lots keeps reading not valid. U210177… i’m trying to figure out if my meter is calibrated and don’t know the ranges???

  37. I enter the lot number exactly as it is shown and I get a message saying “enter a valid lot number”. It IS a valid lot number! My ketone strip lot number is U210212

  38. My lot numbers are from the keto mojo kit and it’s saying enter a valid lot number. These are valid lot numbers.

  39. Trying to do a control solution test. The lot number on the strip, U210038 comes up as invalid. When I do the control solution test, the meter simply reads “LO” I do not know what this means. I would guess it’s reading high, but am not sure how to test and/or calibrate it…

  40. Glucose lot number U210176
    Ketone lot number U210177

    I need the control ranges and the form above says my lot numbers are invalid.
    tak skal du have

  41. I typed in the lot number for glucose (U210288) and then for ketone strip (U210295) and it responded with “Enter Valid Lot Number” for each

  42. You have a place to enter lot #s to look up control solution ranges: but you don’t provide the actual control solution ranges after we enter the lot numbers! There’s no enter button and hitting enter in either of the lot # edit fields does submit the information for a response either. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!

  43. None of my lot numbers work

    U210211. G
    U210259. G
    U210210. K

  44. 1. I put in the lot numbers but the control range did not come up!
    Here are my lot numbers:
    Glucose: 210418
    Ketone: 210419
    I need the control range for level 2

    2. How do I delete the test score from the device as it will alter my true averages?

  45. The lost number on my test strip can up invalid but I entered the correct lot number numerous times. Additionally, the instructions in the kit indicated the test range values would be on the test strip or box and they are not.

  46. Hi, I was trying to check if my meter is ok on the glucose end.

    I entered my lot number of U220035 and you said invalid.
    I ran a test from solution and it showed 122, but what does that mean? My solution is level 2?

  47. How in heck do you gave a control solution with such a wide range of 88 to 132 mg/dL? This apparently does not give a reading of what a within normal limits glucose is when non-keto?

  48. My lot number doesn’t give any result. It’s 210418, without a letter in front of it. I tried it with all letters of the alphabet by the way, but nothing works.

  49. I’m getting an error that my lot numbers are invalid. U210044 and U210045, both expire in 2023

  50. I could not find my control solution ranges for glucose.
    I used 220035 for glucose strips and was not found.
    Then I tried the lot number on the control solution UAN20104 and got the same response

  51. I’m entering my lot number and it is saying invalid
    U210286 exp 2023-09-18
    I just purchased

  52. I put my lot numbers on the site and it says nvalid. This is what is on the strip packages and purchase box!!

  53. I enter my lot number exactly and it states invalid number. Trying to find out what the control range is.

  54. The lot numbers come back as “invalid” but they are definitely correct

  55. I entered the lot number for the test strips to find the control solution ranges. It tells me I have entered an invalid lot number. It seems the system does not have information for newer test strips.

  56. I enter the lote number on the trips and “Enter a valid Lot Number” message appear, I check it like 5 time to make sure the lot is correct,,, also I enter the lot with and without the “U”

  57. To find the range for the Control Solution if the box is missing, please offer a search database for the Lot Number on the bottle of the Control Solution itself.

  58. Can’t use control lots. Care full entry of Ketone Lot U210006 = invalid. The control solutions; all four LEAKED in shipping. This is the second batch I’ve bought. NO instructions. Over all poor quality control. Difficult to use strips, hard to open, etc. Please e-mail back xbill@mac.com

  59. I have read all your directions and I can’t figure out what the number should be for the control solution it says it should be in number two what does that mean? The numbers won’t import I don’t understand can you just show us a chart or something.

    Please cut it out with the screen take over ads as well. Nobody likes them.

  60. Regarding the FAQ on how to look up the calibration number on “https://keto-mojo.com/help-docs/glucose-ketone-control-ranges/” . After entering a valid lot number on the testing strip package as instructed I received the “Enter a Valid Lot Number” error message. My lot numbers are: glucose strip – U210286 and ketone strip – U210293.

  61. The lot numbers I am entering are not valid:
    Ketone: U210140 and Glucose: U210137

  62. I entered the lot numbers for both multiple times and screen kept listing list a valid number. My Glucose and Keytone lots are U210211 and U210212

  63. Hi – I entered my glucose and ketone lot numbers but nothing happened. It didn’t give me the range for the solutions.

  64. When I enter my glucose strip lot number above, I get a message saying to enter a valid lot number.

  65. Typed in both lot numbers for ketone and glucose. Both are “not valid.” These came with my new meter. Also, numerous ketone strips are missing. The package was sealed with no strip within, 5 missing in total.

  66. I put in the lot number for both the glucose strip and the ketone strip and they both said to enter in a valid Lot number, which I did. So, it was no help!

  67. There was no answer because it says my lot #’s are invalid. I double checked and they were typed in correctly.

  68. I’m entering the lot number from the back of the glucose test strip package and it just keeps saying “enter a valid lot number.” I’ve double checked it and I’m entering the correct lot number. I just want to know the control test range.

  69. I entered the lot number from the back of the ketone test strip wrapper. I get “enter a valid lot number” message.

  70. Says my lot number not valid. But, that’s what is printed on wrapper. Hmmmm.

  71. Hej,
    The following Lot number do not appear within the lookup to determine the test solutions range:
    Ketone: Lot#U210337
    Glucouse: Lot#U210338

    Could you provide me with the ranges for both? Thank you!

  72. Lot number didn’t work U210043 and my control solution doesn’t have a range

  73. It is saying my lot# is not vail that came with the box. Glucose lot # is U210137 and Ketone lot # is U210138

  74. I am trying to figure out the control range. I went to the website and it is pretty straight forward however when I put in lot code for both glucose and ketones it tells me invalided lot number. Lots numbers are below.

    Glucose Lot: U210215
    Ketones Lot: U210177

  75. Hi there,

    My keto mojo machine is giving me varied blood sugar results with each strip. It looks to be inaccurate. Which makes me wonder if my ketone strips are accurate too?

    I was trying to look up my ketone and glucose testing solution ranges to see if my meter is working correctly, but they said I have an invalid lot #?

    I’m very confused and dissatisfied because this machine wasn’t cheap!

    Please let me know what I can do.

    Thank you in advance,


  76. Lot# U21022 ketone strips shows as an invalid lot #

  77. Hej,
    I could not find the range for the test strips. The lot number is U210176 for glucose and U210178 for ketone. Thanks!

  78. It’s saying that both my lot numbers are incorrect

  79. My mojo is not working properly …says my control number is in valid …I just bought my mojo + a few months ago from you


  80. I typed in the number and it said it was invalid. U210370.

  81. Hej
    I have the older meter and would like to just purchase strips and the new meter. I don’t want to pay for things I don’t need. Can I purchase strips and meter? Or do you have old strips left? Thank you

  82. I entered my lot number exactly as it shows on the strip – U210038 – and it keeps saying invalid lot number.

  83. I can’t find the control range for L2 vial by using the lot number on my new ketone strips. They say U210004 but your search says invalid. I threw away the box so I don’t have the grey sticker.

  84. My blood sugars seem crazy out of control and I’m trying to use the control solutions but can’t find the sheet of ranges. Tried to use the page and it Jerrod telling me that my lot numbers on the strips aren’t valid

  85. My lot numbers are not “valid” for either of these entries. I have triple-checked by typing.
    Glucose: U210284
    Ketone: U210287

  86. I entered the lot # and it indicates invalid. Glucose U210086 Keto U210089

  87. Hej,
    I need the control values for glucose strips from the lot # U210176. The form above is saying it is not valid.


  89. I have glu strip lot number U210010 exo 3/26/23. I’m trying to confirm control range. System says number not valid.

  90. It didn’t tell me the range when I put in the lot numbers

  91. I put the lot number in, and it kicked it out saying enter valid lot number.

  92. Error “Enter a valid lot number”. Glucose lot number on my strip

  93. Error “Enter a valid lot number”. Glucose lot number on my strip is U210130

    Same error for ketone strips. Ketone lot number on my strip is U210129

    GLUCOSE U210043 KETONE U210046

  95. A typed in the ketone lot number: 210082, but it is not accepted and I cant see the control solution range.

  96. It does not accept the lot number.

    Lot number for glucose is 210079

    The reading I got for glucose test is 5.7.

    The lot numbers I have for both glucose and ketone strips are not long enough for your form.

  97. Error message says “Enter a valid Lot Number.” I am entering the correct number

  98. The above “control solution ranges” Lot number check is not acknowledging that the four separate lot numbers received in the latest bundle are even valid!

  99. Lot number U210176 give “Enter a valid Lot Number.”

  100. I have entered my lot number on the glucose strips and it keeps saying enter a valid number….I have!!!

  101. Both Lot numbers have been typed in correctly and both say the lot number is invalid. How can I get my ranges when this is saying the lot numbers are invalid when they’re not??

  102. It is telling me to enter a valid lot number when I’m precisely entered the correct lot number

  103. I put the correct lot numbers below. Response was they were invalid.
    Glucose lot:U210137
    Ketones lot:U210138
    Can you help me with this?
    tak skal du have

  104. My glucose strips indicate a lot number of U210033, and I get invalid lot number message when I enter.

  105. opdater dit partinummer hurtigere – vi har haft dette i flere måneder, og dit websted siger ugyldigt parti. vi har tredobbelt kontrolleret, at vi indtaster det korrekt

  106. Jeg testede mit blodsukker i morges og fik en aflæsning på 173 og ketoner på 2,3. Jeg testede straks igen og fik en læsning på 86 og en læsning på hej for ketoner. Jeg kørte derefter kontroller og fik 106 for glukosestripen og 2,4 for ketonstrimlen. Ketonstrimmel lot #u210134 og glucose lot# u210132

  107. I sidste måned købte jeg et nyt Keto-Mojo GK+ målersæt til at erstatte min gamle måler.
    Jeg prøver at lære mere om processen, men når jeg indtaster partinumrene på strimmelpakkerne får jeg bare beskeden "Indtast et gyldigt lotnummer", hvad er der galt? Glucose-lotnummeret er U210176 exp: 2023-06-08,
    ketonlotnummeret er U210177 exp:2023-06-08.

  108. Det nævnte partinummer er ikke gyldigt

    Glukose U210176

  109. Hvad er den pokkers koncentrationslæsning for den forbandede std?

  110. Hvordan kan du nøjagtigt konvertere til en blodprøveprøve i dette brede udvalg af kontrolprøver.

  111. Mit keton- og glukosestrips lotnummer vises ikke, siger ugyldigt. Udløbsdatoen er 16/4/23

  112. Siger at indtaste et gyldigt tændt nummer. jeg gjorde

  113. Jeg er utrolig vred over det faktum, at du TVINGER mig til at købe en ny måler, og den synkroniserer ikke korrekt. Jeg fulgte dine anvisninger nøjagtigt. Men mit partinummer viser sig ikke at være gyldigt. Strimlerne fulgte for guds skyld med måleren.

    Jeg vil gerne have det ordnet, og jeg håber virkelig, at du kan hjælpe mig.

  114. Jeg har for nylig købt glukosestrips. Partinummeret vises ugyldigt.

  115. jeg skriver partinummeret, U210176, og det siger bare fejl. Jeg har også alle de papirer, der var i kassen, og jeg kan ikke finde disse intervaller

  116. Jeg forsøger at finde testkontrolniveau 2-numrene til min G+-enhed. De to lotnumre på teststrimlerne, jeg har, er Glucose U210176 og Ketone U210177. Fortæl mig venligst, hvilken rækkevidde mit måler skal returnere for disse testopløsninger niveau 2 Glucose UAN20085 og niveau 2 Ketone UEN20072.

  117. lotnumrene på strimlerne giver mig beskeden "Indtast et gyldigt lotnummer", og nummeret, der er indtastet fra bagsiden af stribekassen, er korrekt.

  118. Når jeg indtaster lotnummeret ud af pakken i ovenstående område, står der et ugyldigt lotnummer

  119. Kan ikke finde ud af kontroltestområdet for strips, der fulgte med sættet. Ketonstrimmel lotnummer U210177. Når jeg indtaster siger indtast værdi lotnummer

  120. Jeg modtager en "ugyldigt lotnummer", når jeg prøver at finde kontrolområde. Partinummeret er U210045

  121. Hvorfor er rækkevidden så stor? Hvis fejlområdet for mit faktiske blodsukker er så bredt, så er det bekymrende.

  122. Jeg har indtastet 2 felter lotnumre, og dine er alle kommet op som ugyldige.

  123. Dette besvarer ikke nogen spørgsmål for mig. Også, når jeg indtaster lotnumrene, virker de ikke. Jeg er sikker på at de ikke er ugyldige, men siden fortæller mig fortsat at indtaste et gyldigt lotnummer. Jeg indtaster U210012 for min glukosestrimmel og U200222 min ketonstrimmel og ingenting. Mit rigtige spørgsmål handlede også om, hvilke aflæsninger jeg skulle få med kontrolopløsningen med lotnumre UAN20050 for glukoseopløsningen og UEN20036 for ketonopløsningen. Hjælp venligst og fix stedet for at fungere korrekt.

  124. Min ketonmåler læser under kontrolopløsningens område, og det giver mig ingen oplysninger om, hvad det betyder, eller hvordan jeg kalibrerer eller gør noget for at sikre, at min enhed læser nøjagtigt

    1.7 læste
    1.8-2.8 er det trykte område for betjeningen

  125. I Chrome kan browseren ikke se, hvad konturlæsningen skal være. Ketonstrimmel vises som ugyldigt lotnummer

  126. Det genkender ikke lotnumrene for mine strimler.

  127. Dette accepterer ikke mine lotnumre. Bliver ved med at bede mig om at indtaste et gyldigt lotnummer

  128. brugte mange strimler til test af kontrolløsningerne.

    Her er hvad kontrolløsningerne viste:
    Ketoner .2
    Glukose Lo

    Jeg prøvede mange strimler uden held.

    FWIW, jeg er på en 4 dages faste. Per denne meter er her resultaterne
    Ketoner 7.1
    Glukose 45

    Hjælp! har jeg en defekt måler?

    Earl Hersh
    Houston TX

  129. Jeg prøver at finde ud af, hvad rækkevidden skal være for mine kontrolløsninger, der fulgte med mit kit. Hvis jeg indtaster lotnummeret, kommer det op som ikke fundet.

  130. Når jeg indsætte stribenummeret, står der, at det er ugyldigt, U210010.

  131. mit nummer på ketonstrimler, der er trykt på bagsiden af strippakken, er U200181, men dit system genkender det ikke, og i røde stater “indtast et gyldigt partinummer”. Jeg har firdoblet kontrolleret, at jeg indtaster, hvad der er udskrevet på den korrekte ketonstrimelpakke korrekt, men dit system genkender det ikke. min ketontestlæsning var 2,5, fungerer min måler? mit glucosenummernummer er U200169, og testlæsning var 113. Lad mig vide, hvad der er galt, og hvis min måler fungerer korrekt.

  132. Jeg kan ikke finde kontrolløsningsnumrene til at kalibrere min keto-mojo. Når jeg indtaster lotnumrene fra mine glukose- og ketonstrimler, siger dit websted, at de er ugyldige partinumre

  133. Jeg skriver mit partinummer, fordi jeg kastede kassen ud og prøver at bruge kontrolløsningen, og det siger at indtaste gyldigt lotnummer. U200180 ketonstrimler. Mine aflæsninger går fra 2.4 til .4 til .2 på 5 sekunder. Jeg spilder bare alle de strimler, jeg købte på dette tidspunkt, og jeg fik lige GK + -skærmen for ikke længe siden, fordi du stort set tvang os til det. Det er skrald sammenlignet med den originale skærm, jeg købte hos dig.

  134. Kontrolområderne er brede. For mig betyder det, at målinger af Keto-Mojo er unøjagtige. Bør ikke en nøjagtig måler demonstrere en mindre variabel aflæsning ved hjælp af standardiserede kontrolløsninger? Tak.

  135. teststrimlerne, der fulgte med min keto mojo, har ikke nogen rækkevidde på emballagen eller strimlerne, så jeg aner ikke, om testresultaterne til kontrolopløsningen er inden for området.

  136. Partinummer for keton teststrimler vises som ugyldige (U200180).

  137. partinummer siger ikke gyldigt. det blev indtastet korrekt. U200179 ketonstrimler

  138. På iPhone / keton er resultaterne for niveau 2 og niveau 3 afskåret og ikke helt synlige
    Jeg fik mine glukosestrimler, mens jeg rejste i Europa, og de giver ikke et testresultat.

  139. 1. Jeg ved ikke, hvad tallene betyder.
    2. Bunden af numrene blev afskåret.

  140. Kvitterede ikke nummeret, indtastet korrekt fra teststrimlen.

  141. Det er ikke klart. Min måler genkender, at jeg brugte min kontrolopløsning, og aflæsningen viser 105, men rækkevidden på kassen er for stor 96 til 136. Det fortæller mig ikke, om min måler læser nøjagtigt. Jeg tjekkede det i dag, fordi mit blodsukker er unormalt lavt i 50'erne, og mine ketoner er unormalt høje ved 1,9

  142. Jeg indtastede Ketone-partinummeret, men dette værktøj siger, at det er ugyldigt. Jeg har tredobbelt kontrolleret det, og det blev indtastet korrekt


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