Keto Clarity, written by a prominent keto/low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore and a physician/researcher Dr. Eric C. Westman, delves into the ketogenic world discussing the basics of this diet, its health benefits, and the scientific literature surrounding the ketogenic diet.  For those that are new to keto, as well as veterans, this book provides a breakdown of some of the more complex science that goes into the ketogenic diet without being too complex for the average reader who may not have a science or medical background.  For a more in-depth scientific read for healthcare providers and medical professionals, we would suggest also reading The Art and Science of Low Carb Living.

What’s Inside?

If someone were to have asked us to recommend a book that touches on the basics of the ketogenic diet as well as well as some of the science and implications in relation to various diseases and health conditions, we would recommend Keto Clarity as a great starting point.  The information is well organized, presented well,  and includes lots of personal anecdotes.  So it’s appealing to those readers that are looking for an easy to understand, basic explanation of this diet. This book delivers that and also helps set the stage for other books that go more in-depth.  Essentially, Keto Clarity plants the basic seeds of knowledge about the diet and readers can venture to other resources for more comprehensive or scientific information.

We enjoyed the layout of the book, starting with a short bio on the authors which includes Jimmy’s personal struggles with weight and the toll it has taken on his health.  Next, common myths and misconceptions are briefly discussed.  This is helpful in many ways, especially if (or when) the situation arises when you are cornered by a friend, family, or stranger and asked to explain why your new lifestyle change isn’t going to make you fat and cause heart disease.  If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will know that, like winter, the interrogation is coming…

So this section, along with the explanations further along in the book, will help you to understand ketosis and how it affects the body and why fat not only doesn’t make you fat; rather, it can be fuel.  After, this the book explains ketosis, how to enter ketosis, and discusses many of the issues that plague those that are new to keto and that may be unprepared. From there it explores the research and science of using the ketogenic diet for therapeutic treatment of various diseases and conditions.

What We Like

At the end of each chapter, there’s a handy recap of the key concepts from that chapter, and throughout the book, you’ll find quotes and comments from a wide range of keto experts, primarily doctors. The book closes with some recipes and a 21-day meal plan, although macros are not included.

The Final Word

In conclusion, Keto Clarity is an easy read and great introduction to the ketogenic diet.  Healthcare providers looking for more in-depth analysis would probably benefit from reading additional books that cater to their needs, but this would be a great starting point and would lay the foundation for further research.

For those new to keto, this is a must read and you won’t believe how fast you’ll be flipping through the pages wanting to know even more about the amazing world of ketosis!

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