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Welcome to the Keto-Mojo Affiliate Program! Our program invites influencers and educators in the ketogenic community to use our products and tools to inspire your patients and followers to achieve their personal goals. Share the benefits of glucose and ketone testing with others while earning referral income (for healthcare professionals, referral income is optional).


Click the button below and complete the brief application form. As a general guide, we accept social media affiliates with at least 5,000 engaged followers. This does not apply to healthcare professionals. Once approved you will receive a unique affiliate link to share on your website, social media, blog, webinars, video tutorials, educational courses, directly with patients — or however you choose!

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For social media affiliates:

كلما قمت بالترويج ، زادت ربحك. استفد من أدوات الربط البسيطة واللافتات الجذابة. سيقدر متابعيك خصم 15% على مجموعات أدوات Keto-Mojo التي نقدمها حاليًا فقط من خلال برنامجنا التابع. الآن هذا يستحق الترويج!


For healthcare affiliates:

Take advantage of the wealth of content and educational materials on our website. Share these with your patients to help them achieve their goals.


You can earn up to 10% commission on meter kits sold through your affiliate link, or choose a no-commission option for healthcare professionals depending on the policies of your practice.  See commission details on the application page by clicking on the application below.

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