Great Product
    "Strips are consistent and easy to use. The device works great; I am extremely happy with it."
    jason v.
    Excellent product
      "Easy to use and accurate "
      Brooke B.
      A Keto Must Have!
        "Fast delivery, easy set up, and easy to use. I actually was SHOCKED at my readings and wished I was doing this sooner. This little gem will be an intricate piece to my lifetime keto woe. I want the MOST of the Ketogenic diet and my Mojo will help me get just that. "
        TAMELA B.
        glucose strips
          "fast safe shipping no errored strips from the box."
          timothy w.
          Awesome little tester!
            "Super easy to use, fast readings and great price!"
            Pamela P.
            A Must Have for Type 1’s Everywhere
              "When I learned about the Keto-Mojo ketone monitoring I was excited to order it. Then when I saw how inexpensive the strips were compared to other manufactures I got even more excited. I asked for one for my birthday and my wish was granted. It arrived very quickly it was everything I hoped it would be. Ironically just after receiving it I got sick and of course my blood sugars shot up. With my Keto-Mojo I was able to monitor my ketones closely which was fortunate because they became elevated. It’s as simple to use as any glucometer and much more accurate than the traditional urine strips. Highly recommend this for any Type 1. No one plans to need to know if their ketones are elevated but when you need to know you need to know right away. "
              Jeff D.
              Super Easy to Use
                "Quick shipping, and easy to set up for a first time user. Would definitely recommend. "
                Lori G.
                Great price wonderful service
                  "Good product so far. Great price, wonderful customer service. Delivered my order quickly."
                  helen l.
                  Great value
                    "These strips are beyond a great value. Glad I got in at the beginning to get this deal! Great meter and great products. Glad this company is around for the Keto followers. "
                    Jason B.
                    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Keto Mojo
                      "Does everything as described. I had some issues with initial programming as I missed changing the year at the first prompt. I emailed customer service and had an answer with how-tos back in 2 minutes!!! Customer service alone makes this device valuable. I am pleased to keep tabs on how my body reacts to different foods w blood glucose monitoring and testing ketones in the am fasting has been nice reassurance that I am where I need to be. Highly recommend. "
                      Laura M.
                      Great product
                        "Great product with fast shipping. I can honestly say, I got my money's worth."
                        Tanzania E.
                          "I am very pleased, the unit is user friendly and test refills are $0.99 each."
                          Everett R.
                          Keto Mojo Rocks
                            "I Love this new meter! My numbers are all accurate now and it is easy to use! I also like the fact that my test strips will only be $1.00 from now on! Anytime I have reached out with a question the Keto Mojo team is right there! "
                            Jane S.
                            Keto Mojo
                              "The product was great and the service was outstanding."
                              Jeff J.
                              KETO MOJO
                                "easy to use! painless and easy"
                                Joan G.
                                So much Info!
                                  "Perhaps the hardest part of doing the keto diet, is that you're never quite sure where your glucose levels are. No more. Keto Mojo is fantastic! Their device Works seamlessly, and they're glucose and ketone strips are dirt cheap! I will be using them for life."
                                  Vincent M.
                                  really excellent support
                                    "excellent kit and strips. I am making steady progress. thanks to Keto mojo and myself.c"
                                    Claire G.
                                    Happy customer
                                      "Keto mojo is very easy to us. My wife and I had it for a few weeks now and are vey happy with interface and overall cost. "
                                      BRIAN B.
                                      Best meter I have ever used
                                        "High quality meter and strips, very happy with my purchase! Love the precision of the readings. "
                                        Jill M.
                                        Keto mojo and strips
                                          "Great product easy to use"
                                          Ana T.
                                          Best Company in the Business
                                            "Received my strips quicker than last time and I was happy before with my last purchase. Again at an unbeatable price!"
                                            Jason C.
                                            Leto Mojo Review
                                              "Fantastic. I am able to monitor my blood sugar and ketones any time and see how my body responds to various foods. This is a great way to track my progress and be able to make changes to my diet in real time without the expense and hassle of going to the doctor every day."
                                              Beth J.
                                              Great monitor
                                                "For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to use this. I broke my lancet stick trying to work it. Once I watched the video it all made sense and it works perfectly. Wished I watched it first!!! I would definitely recommend the product"
                                                Kelly S.
                                                The best
                                                  "Love my Keto Mojo! And it arrived so quickly!!! Very happy with my purchase."
                                                  Li S.
                                                  Accurate and Tidy
                                                    "The device is easy to use, quick, and unlike reagent strips it is tidy."
                                                    Wilfredo I.
                                                    Very pleased with my purchase.
                                                      "Very pleased with my purchase. Easy to use."
                                                      Bradford S.
                                                      Happy purchase
                                                        "Easy to use. Glad I’m using this as the results have been surprising.. I’m a data nerd so this has helped me with my OCD. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about locking down their Keto diet"
                                                        Brian T.
                                                        The proof I needed
                                                          "I embarked on my keto journey and just wasn’t sure if I was in ketosis. These strips and meter made it so simple and gave me the confidence to keep pushing! I love it."
                                                          John Z.
                                                          Keto Mojo
                                                            "Instructions could be simplified. My only issue at this point is getting a good stick for blood. I have it set on the highest setting and still have trouble getting deep enough. Overall it is easy to use and seems accurate."
                                                            Michael M.
                                                            So far so good
                                                              "It’s helpful to have this information in the convenience of home. "
                                                              Andrea P.