Very nice monitor
    "This was a very easy to set up monitor and super easy to use. It is not a cheap knockoff but a very well made monitor. I am very happy I bought it as I just started the Keto diet. Did I mention their Super Sonic Delivery Srervice? Yes people, it was delivered super fast. Happy with my purchase. "
    Victoria M.
    Very happy
      "Works accurately and helps us stay in real touch on how we’re doing to stay in Ketosis."
      Cliti S.
      Excellent product, videos & customer service.
        "I'm absolutely delighted with my Keto-Mojo. Quick delivery, excellent videos showing how to set it, very easy to use, and excellent customer service - an emailed question got a response within an hour. And affordable. Couldn't ask for more!"
        Judith L.
        Awesome Product
          "Once I watched the videos I was all set. Love the ease of using this meter. Thank you for an exceptional product and customer service. They responded very quickly when I had questions. Thanks, Keto on! "
          David D.
          Perfect Meter
            "The Keto Mojo was very easy to set up, the first 2 strips I tried came up with an error, but I think after talking to the very friendly Support team I believe it was operator error. When I finally got it right, the testing was super easy and not at all painful. I had been shopping around for a Keto meter for a while now and kept coming back to this one so I finally ordered it and I am so glad that I did because now I will be able to track what foods are giving me lower ketone readings and what ones aren't. And the best part of picking the Keto Mojo is the cost of the Strips! The most inexpensive on the market!"
            Lisa W.
            Great meter
              "This is the perfect meter to keep me in check on Keto! "
              Lanoit F.
              Excellent product, exactly as promised!
                "Works exactly as it should!"
                Jessica C.
                New to Testing
                  "I'm glad I selected Keto-Mojo."
                  James R.
                  Excellent product, excellent service
                    "I love my keto-mojo and when it comes time to refill with additional test strips, the order always arrives in a timely manner. "
                    Theresa B.
                    Very good product and price!
                      "Very good product and price! 5 stars for sure and customer service is superb!"
                      Mary S.
                        "It has been amazingly easy to use and I love knowing where I am with my ketones."
                        Carol C.
                        Top notch product
                          "The Keto mojo is easy to set up and operate. The results are consistent and accurate compared to a blood draw I had completed at the same time. The company’s customer friendliness and service has been excellent. The test strips are one of the most affordable on the market too. It is a must buy for my Keto Friends. "
                          George S.
                          KETO Blood tester.
                            "Just what I was looking for."
                            Vincent G.
                            I love it!
                              "I got it for the start of my first water only fast! I’m on day 4 and I’m concerned that my ketones tonight are7.8😳Should I be worried?"
                              Kathleen P.
                              Great company
                                "Works great! Greta company. Happy with my keto mojo. Thanks so much!"
                                sherry c.
                                accurate and economical
                                  "I like it. Matches closely with my Bruno md6 and strips are a lot cheaper."
                                  john c.
                                  Does exactly what I need
                                    "Using the ketone blood test was simple and easy. I think the video tutorials were helpful too. It gave me a reading quickly and I like that it stores your pst readings as well. No complaints here, so far I am happy with my purchase. "
                                    Cassandra G.
                                    The best honestly
                                      "I’m so happy I bought this one"
                                      Enrique P.
                                      Best Ketone Meter!
                                        "So easy to use and so accurate!"
                                        Leigh A.
                                        Impressive Device
                                          "Love being able to get an accurate blood ketone level for a reasonable price. Also very happy that the glucose test sticks are priced so low. My Freestyle Lite tests strips were 82.00 for 100 with insurance coverage! Obviously not using that meter any longer. I have mitochondrial disease so being able to monitor these without racking up more doctor and lab bills is a blessing."
                                          Shelly D.
                                          Great experience
                                            "Everything arrived super fast. I watched the how to videos which was helpful. "
                                            Janice M.
                                            So far, so great!
                                              "My mom has a keto mojo, and I finally decided to get one too with the excuse of using it to monitor myself through an extended fast. It's really easy to use, accurate, and is letting me track my GKI daily. Great investment!"
                                              Miranda H.
                                              Keto-Mojo Review
                                                "Really easy to do and happy with the results! Customer service was prompt and very helpful!"
                                                Roberta B.
                                                Just What I Was Waiting For
                                                  "I love my Keto-Mojo. I find it easy to use, and having specific info on both ketones and blood sugar patterns makes it easier to optimize my keto with intermittent fasting lifestyle. Price of device and strips is more economical than other optiond without any compromise in quality. Great custoner service,as well. "
                                                  3 others bought it
                                                    "I've now convinced 3 other people to get their own Mojo- stop using mine now that you have your own, lol"
                                                    Mark R.
                                                    All the way to hawaii
                                                      "I have made two orders and both items arrived very promptly. I like the usps freight as it is so much less expensive than fedx. The keto mojo works perfectly and it is simple to use. "
                                                      chris l.
                                                      t’s a handy little gadget
                                                        "After dithering over purchasing it I went ahead. Viewed the help videos, set it up, read the results and voila, it paid for itself when it told me I was in ketosis. Happiness!"
                                                        A. G.
                                                          "Great 1.6mm Knew I was in ketosis but nice to get conformation "
                                                          Steve B.
                                                          Love this product
                                                            "I recently purchased the keto mojo, Extra ketone strips, and some glucose strips I believe pricing is fair and also they shipped my stuff super quick. I got it a couple days before it said I would. I am also loving my product."
                                                            Joeanna W.
                                                            Keto Mojo
                                                              "Very satisfied... fast delivery.. quality is amazing I definitely recommend! I love knowing my ketone reading! "
                                                              Kellie E.