Love my mojo
    "Straightforward and easy to use. Great product."
    Ross M.
    Excellent monitor
      "Easy to use. .. love the price, especially since I got my insurance to pay for it!"
      Clint C.
      LOVE this product!
        "Not only is the Keto Mojo easy to use; numbers easy to read, compact size, memory holds previous readings, but the customer service is top! It can't be beat. I love the Keto Mojo & the customer service!!"
        Missy A.
          "This is a great product for testing ketones or glucose. Easy to use and is nicely packed up in a bag to keep it all together. Service was awesome with fast shipping. Great company! Oh .... and great prices too!"
          Gailee S.
            "Really enjoy the product. Was delivered in a timely fashion and very simple to set up and use. "
            Chris M.
            Fast service, affordable.
              "I bought glucose and ketone strips. "
              Sarah O.
              Great Test Kit
                "Very easy to set up and very easy to use. Used for Ketone reading only, yet. I can recommend this set."
                Nicole D.
                Great Value
                  "I love that I can use my ketone meter for both glucose and ketones. Very convenient and the glucose strups are budget friendly. Thanks for an awesome product! "
                  Nicole B.
                  Love my Keto Mojo!
                    "My Keto Mojo is an awesome addition to my Ketogenic diet. It was easy to set up and use. It helps me stay on track and focused living a keto lifestyle. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to track ketones or glucose. "
                    Susan M.
                    Fast and reliabe
                      "Ordering is always easy with status updates of each step of the order process. I received my order with 3 days of clicking pay on their site. Make sure to click status updates when you get your tracking number and you will know exactly when it lands on your door step! Affordable keto monitoring!"
                      Jason H.
                      Great For Ketones and Blood Sugar
                        "As a health coach, I've always gone by feel and never tracked sugar or ketones. I like to experiment on myself with different protocols and see how things work but without actually having the "numbers" it was all guesswork. The past week having the Keto Mojo has opened up my eyes to a few really cool insights in how my body PERSONALLY works (and not how the conventional wisdom says it should). My wife and I both really enjoy seeing the differences in both ketones and sugar before and after workouts, fasting, after "healthy" snacks, and after "keto" snacks. Even if nerding out on the data isn't your thing, periodically tracking blood sugar to ensure that "healthy" foods actually are healthy for YOU! Thanks everyone at Keto Mojo. I really dig the meter... if that wasn't apparent! "
                        Mike B.
                        Ketonian Pro Plus
                          "I love this kit. I've been buying my own blood testing kits and those do not compare to this kit. This system is better made and I believe I am getting accurate readings whereas I have gone through three different kits in the past year that just do not test blood sugar accurately. This kit tests ketones as well as blood sugar. It is a keeper!!"
                          Kathy B.
                            "I am very grateful for all your service and support. "
                            Nana F.
                            Great product
                              "Very simple setup instructions. Confirmed I am in ketosis and glucose under 100."
                              Alan J.
                              Love my MoJo!
                                "I Love the Keto Mojo, Great product, Great company! Thanks!"
                                Travis T.
                                Control Solution
                                  "It worked great and helped me verify my results."
                                  Nick B.
                                  Works Great
                                    "It does what it's supposed to do and it does work. Good value and I even tested on my friend when I had some doubts. Was very surprised that it shipped to NJ so fast. I ordered it on a Sunday and received it on Wednesday. "
                                    Joanna M.
                                    Excellent service
                                      "Excellent Service "
                                      Nancy T.
                                      Great company - a little too pricey
                                        "The service is great but I really don't understand why the strips are so pricey."
                                        Wendy V.
                                        Love my monitor
                                          "Have enjoyed my monitor; works great; good investment "
                                          Charissa L.
                                          Keto Life
                                            "Product works GREAT and it is easy. Initially it was a little confusing having no previous experience with anything like this wonderful tool, but once I figured it out it is very simple."
                                            Shelley S.
                                              "Love them. So easy to use. "
                                              Agnieszka E.
                                              The best keton/glucose meter combo
                                                "I love this kit, it’s what I’ve been looking for in one meter!"
                                                  "Flawless product"
                                                  Jonathan M.
                                                    "I LOVE this keto tester and the affordable strips! Please don't waist your money on anything else!"
                                                    Jody K.
                                                    Mojo pro
                                                      "very happy with the product seems to work very well ."
                                                      DANIEL J.
                                                        "Very good, but a little expensive"
                                                        Olga D.
                                                        Speedy delivery of supplies.
                                                          "I was very impressed by how quickly my supplies arrived. Ordered on Friday, in my mailbox on Monday. Thanks!"
                                                          Julie W.
                                                          50 Ways to Know Where I Stand
                                                            "Great!!! There's no other way to know for sure if I'm in ketosis unless you have these strips. It's a small way to give myself a pat on the back and acknowledge that I've been making the right decisions in what I eat. "
                                                            Robert A.
                                                            Keto Mojo
                                                              "Love this item! "
                                                              Kellie H.